Translation of ultimately in Spanish:


en última instancia, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈəltəmətli/ /ˈʌltɪmətli/


  • 1

    en última instancia
    who is ultimately responsible for the decision? ¿quién es responsable de la decisión en última instancia?
    • where is the cargo ultimately bound for? ¿cuál es el destino final del cargamento?
    • Which way you finally bet will ultimately depend on how badly you can't afford to lose.
    • He is the part of us all that goes into the darkness, and finally ultimately achieves the goal.
    • The condition, which is currently incurable, ultimately leads to premature death.
    • So faced with an uncertain future, a part of which was ultimately death, my mind went into overdrive.
    • It is there, in birth, in sickness, in recovery, and ultimately in death that we can all find our common humanity.
    • It may culminate in chronic valvular disease and can lead to heart failure and ultimately death.
    • That illness was the beginning of the long decline that led ultimately to her death.
    • It will be yet another blow to Cheam and would ultimately tarnish the area and its image.
    • In many instances, no provision was made for eventualities that ultimately did occur.
    • Combined with all the other factors limiting economic growth, this could lead ultimately to state failure.
    • From then on the ideas planted in four parts of the area will take shape and ultimately take root.
    • He eventually became deputy head and ultimately headteacher of St Blaise School in Bierley.
    • Eventually, you will get better jobs and, ultimately, a bigger piece of the pie.
    • I do not see how the plaintiff will be harmed by alleging now the facts on which he ultimately intends to rely.
    • He intended to renovate it as his private house, but ultimately decided to turn it into a small hotel.
    • The reshuffle was intended to be a much simpler affair than it ultimately became.
    • Each chief executive of a health authority is ultimately responsible for all clinical activity in the area.
    • Two spins at Luffield would ultimately contribute to the Eclipse car eventually finishing down in sixth place.
    • This eventually was proved in front of a jury and ultimately led to the cases being dismissal.
    • She hopes her gamble will pay off, that Edinburgh will be the start of a tour that may ultimately reach London's West End.
  • 2

    (in the long run)
    a la larga
    you should ultimately earn more a la larga vas a ganar más