Translation of ultimatum in Spanish:


ultimátum, n.

Pronunciation /ˌəltəˈmeɪdəm/ /ʌltɪˈmeɪtəm/

nounplural ultimatums, plural ultimata

  • 1

    ultimátum masculine
    to give sb an ultimatum darle un ultimátum a algn
    • In recent years he has repeatedly issued ultimatums demanding that area plants become more profitable.
    • This should be an ultimatum - accept new terms and conditions or think about an alternative career.
    • Instead, he issued an ultimatum to the people who are suffering under this occupation.
    • As the film itself points out, they had virtually issued an ultimatum to this country with its oil embargo.
    • Although she rejected the ultimatum, she is clearly on the defensive.
    • The teachers resigned in protest at a government ultimatum that they either return to their jobs or be sacked.
    • He linked the ultimatum directly to the needs of international investors.
    • The workers were sacked a week later because they ignored an ultimatum ordering them back to work.
    • Whether true or not, the story was quickly seized upon to issue its ultimatum.
    • At issue was an ultimatum issued for a crackdown on the privatization of health care.
    • Three days later, Coop management locked out workers following an ultimatum to accept the contract.
    • These moves fulfill an ultimatum made to last term's Union President.
    • Union officers are defying the council ultimatum and continuing the jobs they were elected to.
    • Every attempt to accommodate to the demands has been met by new ultimatums.
    • On February 21 the council gave him an ultimatum of resigning or being sacked.
    • A mass meeting in Dundee faced down an ultimatum from council bosses.
    • He reacted by demanding that he should not be confronted with an ultimatum.
    • He accepted an improved offer, which they got after facing down an ultimatum from the council.
    • The editorial amounts to an ultimatum to carry out the bidding of the extreme right.
    • Their modus operandi of presenting ultimatums while refusing to negotiate can only mean that this administration is not seriously interested in obtaining compliance.