Translation of ultrasound in Spanish:


ultrasonido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəltrəˌsaʊnd/ /ˈʌltrəsaʊnd/

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    ultrasonido masculine
    • Echocardiography is the study of the heart using high frequency sound waves or ultrasound.
    • The big brother of ultrasound, infrasound means frequencies too low to be heard by the human ear.
    • It has a video camera eye, and several ultrasound sensors which emit pulses of sound and can measure the distance from an object by the echo.
    • Phacoemulsification is the procedure in which the lens is dissolved using sound energy or ultrasound.
    • Even at low levels ultrasound can cause jarring vibrations and a rise in temperature.
    • The appendix can also be directly imaged under ultrasound using a linear transducer.
    • Similar setups are used on a much larger scale for ultrasound cleaning in industry.
    • This is measured by means of ultrasound and electro-magnetic mechanisms.
    • Because it uses sound waves instead of radiation, ultrasound is safer than X-rays.
    • A smaller, portable machine called a Doppler uses ultrasound for intermittent monitoring.
    • The researchers found that mist emission decreased with increasing ultrasound power.
    • This moth, upon hearing a bat, emits ultrasound pulses at its wing beat rate to identify it to the bat.
    • Conveniently, ultrasound also has a shorter range than audible sound.
    • Under each ultrasound condition, viability of cells was also assessed using trypan blue.
    • See here for some stuff on ultrasound weaponry, if you are interested.
    • Hifu treatment uses a beam of high intensity ultrasound focused on the cancer.
    • Lasers, ultrasound and freezing can also be used to take out tonsils.
    • In these cases it sometimes helps to subject the fracture site to pulsed electromagnetic fields or to ultrasound.
    • I believe this technology is based on ultrasound, not magnetism.
    • The use of ultrasound and magnetic resonance since 1945 has also made it easier to diagnose disease.
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    ecografía feminine
    • ‘They have to have hormonal injections, come for ultrasounds, scans, blood tests - and honestly I can't see anybody doing it for free,’ says Tan.
    • These tests may include blood tests, urinalysis and imaging studies, such as ultrasounds or angiography.
    • Does she get yearly ultrasounds and blood tests to screen for ovarian cancer?
    • The counselor will also want to look over your medical records, including any ultrasounds, prenatal test results, past pregnancies, and medications you may have taken before or during pregnancy.
    • Although most are rarely needed, there are literally hundreds of laboratory tests and other studies that can be ordered (X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc.).
    • The doctor took one look at her, admitted her into the hospital, did tests, CAT scans, MRI's, ultrasounds, and a biopsy.
    • According to the Fraser Institute, between 2000-03, delays for CT and MRI scans and ultrasounds jumped.
    • Returning to the office, he was pleased to find copies of both obstetric ultrasounds awaiting him, each with evidence of a viable intrauterine pregnancy.
    • Where once this procedure had been reserved for problem pregnancies or those occurring in ‘older’ women, today, with no medical authorization, pregnant women can obtain ultrasounds in shopping malls.
    • Abdominal ultrasounds, multiple upper gastrointestinal studies and an air contrast barium enema had been normal since the cholecystectomy.
    • It's present at birth, and the cysts are usually visible on prenatal ultrasounds.
    • These typically will resolve without intervention, but they are monitored with periodic renal ultrasounds to ensure complete resolution.
    • There are three types of ultrasounds: scanning devices, doptones, and external fetal monitors (EFMs).
    • Hundreds of images are taken during the MRI exam, analyzed by computer and physician, then compared to the patient's mammograms and ultrasounds.
    • Such is the demand in the United States, technician operated 4D ultrasounds are readily available in scanning booths in shopping malls, enabling parents to purchase a video of their moving fetus.
    • Some other countries' health plans call for one or two ultrasounds per pregnancy, although I have not been able to determine whether this in fact takes place.
    • Because of my controversial choices, I've had regular, probably more than most women, mammograms, ultrasounds.
    • Women should not be patronised, marginalised or ‘forced’ to undergo or watch ultrasounds in early pregnancy.
    • I never listened when I got the ultrasounds and examinations, I didn't want to hear.
    • Of the women whose ultrasounds showed abnormal lymph nodes, 92.8% had cancerous nodes at surgery.