Translation of ump in Spanish:


árbitro, n.

Pronunciation /əmp/ /ʌmp/

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    árbitro masculine
    árbitra feminine
    • As long as the ump is consistent, minor differences in the strike zone from ump to ump can be accommodated.
    • In the second inning, the umps ruled that a trapped ball by Rizzuto was an infield fly, and they permitted a double play when Rizzuto also ran down Les Fleming on the bases.
    • Mariners skipper Lou Piniella stormed out of the dugout and angrily argued, but got nowhere as he stalked from ump to ump, his cap in hand.
    • At the time of the play, the umps were working with a three-man crew because plate umpire Bill Miller had left an inning earlier with an injured ankle.
    • But the umps judged that Ozzie intentionally dropped it so they killed the play.
    • When there is a foul ball, the ump will throw a knuckleball back to him, then peer out from behind his mask as if to say, ‘How's that one, Sparky?’
    • But the play was ruled a catch, as Perez attempted to dupe the umps by holding his glove aloft.
    • NFL, NBA and MLB refs / umps are not even close to being as bad as these guys.
    • Instead, over time, the umps have made the adjustment to a lower and wider strike zone from the higher and tighter one.
    • The umps properly called the Infield Fly before the ball came down and struck Martinez, who was standing on the base.
    • American League umps lined up higher and directly behind the catcher.
    • The umps decided since the game was being played in a N.L. park, Galan would be credited with a homer.
    • Tight strike zones; the area the umps are calling is about the size of a basketball.
    • Angels' manager Terry Collins rushed out to explain what was going on to Tschida, prompting the ump to overturn his ejection - which may be a baseball first.
    • Instead of rewarding the ump for making the right call, the baseball establishment came down hard on the guy and promised that such an action would never again be allowed to happen.
    • One of the more uncouth retorts was delivered by a hitter when the ump called a strike on a shoulder-high fastball.
    • The press box at Fenway Park was within earshot of the players and umpires below, and in those days the local writers, most notably Dave Egan of the Boston Record, loved to yell insults not only at the umps, but the players as well.
    • His attempt was clear, yet not one of the umps working the game supported Torre's appeal that Diaz had lost immunity from being tagged once he made his intended move to second.
    • Puckett was not forced on the play and should have remained at third, but the umps allowed him to go home and score.
    • Let me tell you, these third base umps had one heckuva weekend during the Super Regionals.