Translation of unabated in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌənəˈbeɪdəd/ /ʌnəˈbeɪtɪd/


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    her enthusiasm remains unabated su entusiasmo no ha disminuido en lo más mínimo
    • the gale raged on unabated el temporal continuaba con toda su furia
    • For a while there was some reduction in the level of corruption, but indiscipline continued unabated.
    • All around him now it had continued, unabated and unstoppable.
    • Meanwhile, the desecration of the English language continues unabated.
    • The wind and rain continued unabated, sucking this once respectable vessel further into the quagmire of decay.
    • The Economic Survey states in no uncertain terms that overspending by the government continues unabated.
    • As the pattern continued unabated after the break, it was no surprise when Paul Tosh recorded his second goal in 62 minutes.
    • Her pain was considerably reduced but the spasms continued unabated.
    • His love affair with music continues unabated as Mr. Isaacs provides training to young musicians at his home.
    • According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the buy-to-let boom is continuing unabated.
    • Petrol prices began to rise in 1974 and this continued almost unabated through to 1981.
    • And so the intolerance that plagues this country continues unconfronted and unabated.
    • Despite this debacle, the hounding of Barker continues unabated.
    • So the vile and useless pop culture anecdotes will continue unabated.
    • While all of this continues, the war talk continues unabated as if no one can hear the voices of dissent from around the world.
    • The government's agenda and goals are obvious and will continue unabated until it is dumped at the elections.
    • Despite the rivers being fair game, match activity on some of the commercial carp orientated venues continues unabated.
    • If the property boom continues unabated during the next few months, the Bank could be forced to raise rates sooner rather than later.
    • Garten does not expect this will continue unabated in the near future.
    • The partition was not implemented, but all the factors which had caused the initial uprising continued unabated.
    • In the meantime, the excitement among the watching public continues unabated.