Translation of unadorned in Spanish:


puro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənəˈdɔrnd/ /ʌnəˈdɔːnd/

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    (beauty) puro
    (beauty) sin adornos
    give us the plain, unadorned facts cuéntanos la verdad pura y simple / lisa y llana
    • Plums, a bird that he saw in the Discovery channel, a week ago, is now in his home in unadorned and plain wood form.
    • The hilt of the rapier was unadorned, wrapped with plain sharkskin, like so many weapons were that are from seaside towns.
    • The door was plain and unadorned, but its size indicated its importance.
    • At the same time, the rich and ornamental pews set up by the status-conscious clergy were to be removed and replaced by plain, unadorned ones.
    • The typical two-slice serving of plain, unadorned cheese pizza packs about a half a day's worth of saturated fat.
    • The building was very plain and unadorned, but she could tell by the smell alone that it was very expensive.
    • Its plain blued barrel is unadorned except for a fluorescent orange front bead.
    • Its quality of the plain and unadorned could rake the form of words only as in the various text altarpieces illustrated here.
    • We are hardly used to being told the unadorned truth.
    • If I try making recipes more complicated than a simple roast beef or unadorned pasta, he usually doesn't like them.
    • However, the simple and unadorned style has a homely taste.
    • At first listen, all the songs are fragile things, built from simple acoustic instruments and unadorned arrangements.
    • It's a good performance, light and simple, unadorned like the film itself.
    • I like the modesty and relatively unadorned character of her presentation.
    • So, naturally, humanist funerals tend to be simple and unadorned, stripped of any ritualistic trappings.
    • This is acting of the purest and most unostentatious kind, unadorned by self-pity or visible virtuosity.
    • Clifton is a seeker who speaks in the unadorned tongue of truth - telling.
    • We do not expect him to portray the world creatively, but to tell us the unadorned truth about things as they really are.
    • Instead, the corridor was unadorned, though spotlessly clean, the wood walls shining as if polished.
    • Flores invited us into an unadorned, simple, rectangular wood structure.