Translation of unadulterated in Spanish:


no adulterado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənəˈdəltəˌreɪdəd/ /ʌnəˈdʌltəreɪtɪd/

See Spanish definition of auténtico


  • 1

    (wine/substance) no adulterado
    • The society sold wholesome, unadulterated food at reasonable prices to society members.
    • Fresh, pure, unadulterated and whole foods are the best as proven throughout the centuries and verified by modern science.
    • However, one thing it has going for it is that it is a relatively natural and unadulterated food.
    • Co-operative societies from the 1840s sought to provide cheap, unadulterated food for their members.
    • Sheep and lambs usually spend most of their lives outdoors, and generally get to eat a relatively natural and unadulterated diet.
    • Consumers who patronized the T'Owd Lane store were assured of unadulterated food, true measure, and fair prices.
    • Noni purée is usually combined with other juices because the unadulterated fruit tastes horrible.
    • Speaking of buying, the price of four Grapples is three dollars more than four unadulterated apples.
    • His claims are backed by an unknown flow of riches, along with a rare supply of unadulterated grain and water.
    • Indeed, Lidia Bastianich experienced food in its purest and most unadulterated form.
    • The entertainment is free, the food's unadulterated, the handicrafts are genuine and prices are as down-to-earth as the area's residents.
    • Compare that to zero calories per any size serving of pure unadulterated water.
    • Or perhaps you feel you are a true connoisseur who believes Macadamia nuts should be consumed completely unadulterated.
  • 2

    (nonsense/filth/bliss) auténtico
    (nonsense/filth/bliss) verdadero
    • Drink this one for unadulterated fun - it has the perfect name for it.
    • The old ways were the better ways - the pure form, unadulterated by greed and convenience.
    • He probably knows the answer already, since this is a man who reckons 90 minutes watching his team play can be ‘pure, unadulterated stress’.
    • Mind-altering drugs weren't necessary, since this was an evening of pure unadulterated, spontaneous and harmless fun.
    • For years, Best painfully articulated that the form in outward appearance may be Westminster but the content is pure, unadulterated governorship.
    • I'm worried about the use of the word ‘truth’ because in the old days documentary was always supposed to be pure and unadulterated truth.
    • The sad but true facts seem to suggest that pure and unadulterated sectarianism is at the base of the rationale that is clouding common sense and sound judgement within unionism.
    • This, like all personality-based weblogs, is about pure, unadulterated, almost innocent narcissism.
    • The other time-filler was pure, unadulterated speculation.
    • The pure, unadulterated pleasure of just flopping out, doing… well… nothing.
    • And so, donning the platforms, the flares and the beads et al the other night was pure, unadulterated nostalgia.
    • This resulted in a few innocuously ribald emails going back and forth until he agreed, which is credit to the pure, unadulterated force that is my charm.
    • A trio of rock acts will take it in turns to headline with their pure and unadulterated rock 'n' roll as part of ‘The New School of Rock’ tour.
    • Most of the time, they serve the status quo happily under the disguise of providing pure, unadulterated information.
    • For pure, unadulterated fun this summer, it doesn't get much steamier.
    • Perhaps it was inevitable we'd end up at pure unadulterated farce.
    • The roads of Asia, however, are pure unadulterated capitalism.
    • It was like the Coliseum in Rome, pure, unadulterated barbarism.
    • Sport is played not through statistics, but through raw passion, ungirdled emotion and pure unadulterated spirit.
    • No, my yearnings stemmed from pure, unadulterated greed.
    • There was pure, unadulterated silence between the two of us.
    • Perhaps no other form of dance has the beauty of the common man dancing in pure unadulterated joy displaying his boundless energy and throwing open the doors of the heart.
    • Sure, she had given a few polite smiles and laughs and even cooed over her goddaughter, but he had never seen her smile or laugh from pure unadulterated joy.
    • The other part had to do with pure, unadulterated love.
    • I sensed his fear and pure unadulterated worry for you.
    • The Maine wood loomed behind it, providing a contrast between civilization and pure, unadulterated nature that was almost startling.
    • I gazed in wonder at the chaos that ensued in the beer gardens at night, at the pure unadulterated fun that was going on at all times.
    • Is there no place in this world for pure unadulterated mean malicious wit anymore?
    • That mixture of pure science and unadulterated humanity lies at the heart of Clarke's fiction.
    • There is no hatred, no violence - just a pure unadulterated love of football.
    • While the weather is being wicked, join me in an afternoon of pure unadulterated self-indulgence.