Translation of unanswerable in Spanish:


irrefutable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈæns(ə)rəb(ə)l/ /ʌnˈɑːns(ə)rəb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (proof) irrefutable
    (proof) incontestable
    (argument) irrebatible
    (argument) incontrovertible
    an unanswerable question/remark una pregunta/observación a la que no se puede responder
    • If - I have to use that word again, since the messages remain mixed - this is indeed what happens, it really will be an unanswerable demonstration that the game is up for worthwhile reform under Labour.
    • I could not even defend myself, because the charge of racism and racial insensitivity is ultimately unanswerable.
    • The case for acting on the basis of good intelligence to discover and prevent terrorism is obviously unanswerable.
    • MP] assumes its points of contention - some valid, some invalid - are under its terms and conditions unanswerable and unassailable.
    • They need not accept as unknowable and unanswerable the mystery that entered their lives, almost destroyed them, and turned their worlds upside down.
    • The Crown's case here that they would be in an impossible position if they had to prove both dishonesty and carelessness seems to me unanswerable.
    • Or, to speak more strictly, the insane explanation, if not conclusive, is at least unanswerable; this may be observed specially in the two or three commonest kinds of madness.
    • Having just returned from Iceland - a country which sits on top of the site where the two tectonic plates of Europe and America meet - I feel I have confronted evidence which makes the case for global warming virtually unanswerable.
    • The political argument for restraint is straightforward and, it seems to me, unanswerable.
    • But its final gesture is insinuating and unanswerable.
    • Yet, in our view, such problems are answerable whereas the scientific evidence for an old Earth and old universe seems unanswerable.