Translation of unbaptized in Spanish:


sin bautizar, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnbapˈtʌɪzd/


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    sin bautizar
    • The Kilkelly Cemetery Committee has erected an altar in Culmore Cemetery in memory of all the unbaptised children in the area.
    • Properly understood, then, the desire by unbaptized persons to receive communion may not be well served by the rush to immediate gratification.
    • An unbaptized soul would have no benevolent cherub to swat away the demon's tight grip.
    • In a few decades you could not find in all this broad land an unbaptized infant.
    • During the question period that followed his talk, someone asked whether an unbaptized person could go to heaven.
    • The people of the parish are pleased with this permanent memorial to all the unbaptised children of the parish.
    • Those who die unbaptized will be interred at night in a field near the spot where they died.
    • It does not, in the slightest, suggest that the Old Covenant is not still binding on unbaptized Jews.
    • The belief in fairies was universal, and their power was specially dreaded in the case of women in childbed and of unbaptised infants.
    • The baptism is performed as soon after the birth as possible; traditionally, an unbaptized baby was susceptible to the devil.
    • Constantine, after all that he had done in religious disputes, was still unbaptized.
    • They did not even stop there, but let out all the unbaptized American infants we had been accumulating for two hundred years and more.
    • During this time of approximately one month, the woman was considered contaminated by the issue of blood and treated as though dangerous and in the sinful state of being unbaptized.
    • The area around the building has long been used as a burial ground for unbaptised children, and the small headstones marking these sad graves can be seen.
    • The nearby Cilllin, or burial ground, was used up to about 40 years ago as a final resting place for unbaptised babies.
    • Many Christians still believe that the souls of unbaptised babies who die will float around in a grey ether known as limbo for all eternity.
    • When writing on free choice before he became a bishop, Augustine had speculated that infants dying unbaptized would find their destiny in neither heaven nor hell.
    • Unknown to potential converts, any judicial action against an unbaptized publisher is announced to the congregation, even if the action does not result in any official punishment (p.
    • Cillini were the last resting places for unbaptised babies for centuries but were also the burial grounds for shipwrecked sailors washed up on the Kerry shoreline.