Translation of unbend in Spanish:


enderezar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈbɛnd/ /ʌnˈbɛnd/

transitive verb unbent, unbent

  • 1

    (pipe/wire) enderezar
    • As his knees unbend, his right hand follows through toward the target.
    • He unbent the metal he'd twisted around the bars to hold the cell shut and tossed it aside, opening the door to my prison.
    • He unbends his skinny frame from a nylon hammock and gives me a handshake more bone than flesh.
    • Out of the mountains, unbending slowly from dense groves of coconut palms, pushes the sweet water of the Rio La Laja.
    • They can stick to the cells for weeks and researchers have discovered that the usually bent antibody will unbend to secure itself to the mast cells.
    • That spoon remained unbent all through the episode.
    • Adrian asked me coolly as he unbent from checking if his victim was still conscious.
    • The beautiful green emeralds, mined by the Salfo't in the South, were smashed and only one silver reed remained unbent.
    • It didn't work because my fingers kept bending and unbending in his.
    • But the more I did it, the more my body relaxed and my legs became unbent.
    • Mark took the paperclip from her hand and unbent it.
    • Kel took a deep breath and unbent her long-idle arm slowly, watching the angle of her elbow go from acute to right to obtuse in a matter of seconds.
    • Basil smiled, and elegantly unbent himself from the doorframe on which he had been leaning.
    • The man slowly unbent himself, a look of disbelief on his face which was now slightly pink.
    • She expertly took a pin out of her hair, unbent it and slowly pushed it into the key hole of the knob.
    • Harvard's Tim Martin, who never unbends his elbow and who ‘goes for depth’ immediately, is the extreme example of this.
    • I know it is somewhat uneventful, but I should point out that should one of the pins get bent, you are going to have a heck of a time unbending it, as the pins are extremely closely spaced together and quite tiny.
    • She stood in the dark hallway and began unbending bobby pins.
    • Or for the less snarky solution, try and unbend them and donate them to the local Value Village or Salvation Army store.
    • Using round-nose pliers, unbend the wire handle ends inside the box and feed on large beads with large holes.

intransitive verb unbent, unbent

  • 1

    (person) relajarse
    • Ben Kingsley is superb as the man who lives for honour and his family but is too proud to unbend when trouble and culture dislocation strike.
    • Later, she unbends a bit; unlike Kitty, men don't leave her, ‘but they all go prematurely grey.’
    • Ian Bostridge's Jupiter gradually unbends to deliver the sweetest soft legato, Patricia Bardon's Juno is hilariously fiery as the queenly betrayed wife, and Janis Kelly camps Iris up something terrible.
    • Yet as soon as you unbend from the expectation of something drastically different (because that's what you heard, right?) they do it - breaking easily into the most melodic stretch of Fugazi song I've heard them undertake.
    • It fits perfectly the template for the new breed of Britflick; talented rebel clashes with buttoned-up pillars of the establishment, who are forced to unbend, and finally admit that self-expression, and so on, is a good thing.
    • Surrounded by musicians he knew and were, some of them his friends, Elgar would gradually thaw and eventually, if all went reasonably well, he unbent a little.
    • There was a fancy party where Katherine got to use her corporate skills and Phil made a hit by playing the bohemian, and there was a family cookout where even Rachael seemed to unbend a little.
    • Maybe I can offer you an incentive to unbend a little.