Translation of unbounded in Spanish:


sin límites, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈbaʊndəd/ /ʌnˈbaʊndɪd/


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    (optimism/courage) sin límites
    (hope) infinito
    • Too numerous are the friends to mention here, who came to wish her excellent health, unbounded happiness and infinite prosperity.
    • Blake used this device to imply endless repetition and thus unbounded openness - the infinite.
    • Instead the boom was widely celebrated as evidence of a new era of unbounded prosperity.
    • So divinity being infinite, unbounded, eternal, beyond space and time, is not a he or a she, it's a field of intelligence.
    • The marketplace, full of unbounded sounds and sights, is opposed to the closed rooms of Romola's blind father.
    • His beneficence has not been unbounded and infinite; it has been bartered and exchanged for man's deeds.
    • European civilisation became enormously dynamic, expansionist and future-oriented, with an unbounded belief in human progress.
    • It was a day for the children who were special in some way and also for their loving parents who showered them with constant attention and unbounded affection.
    • It ignores the costs of unbounded deployment and war.
    • Her generosity and thoughtfulness was unbounded.
    • What must it be like, when you are among the wisest of animals, to discover that human beings are now so stupid that they believe paying money to a cloning company is somehow a token of their unbounded love?
    • With unbounded flair, Tia couples opalescent shades of princess and oyster in the finest cotton with stiff denim to capture the edgy allure of modern London.
    • Alain, who lives in the Paris region, belongs to a group of historians who have an unbounded admiration for and devotion to the memory of the Emperor Napoleon.
    • Plenty of people with an almost religious faith in the power of unbounded free markets have argued that license-enforced compatibility isn't necessary.
    • Despite predictions of almost unbounded mobility, most people in industrialised nations are less physically active than ever before.
    • He devoured ideas with an insatiable curiosity and then pursued them with unbounded energy and infectious enthusiasm.
    • Their praise of the institution is almost unbounded in places.
    • This was the unbounded power of eloquence - of words - of burning noble words.
    • I have also observed, and cannot ignore, Bangalore's unbounded growth.
    • A benign interpretation is that financial markets now have unbounded faith in central bankers to keep inflation down in the longer term.