Translation of unburden in Spanish:


aliviar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈbərdn/ /ʌnˈbəːd(ə)n/

Definition of aliviar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    to unburden sb of sth aliviar a algn de algo
    • But it has been so bad for so many years that I was glad to be unburdened.
    • It would willingly unburden the clubs of a major share of financial responsibility to England's elite and pay the players itself through central contracting, just as England does with its top cricketers.
    • Surely we would save a lot of money and resources and unburden an overwhelmed medical industry by expanding our knowledge and understanding instead of resisting.
    • Made in India, this rolling massage tool will unburden the hands of amateur masseurs and masseuses, and can double as a gift for yourself.
    • Times Mirror was relieved to unburden itself of the paper; it had never found a way to make the Times Herald work.
    • It exonerates, redeems, and purifies him; it unburdens him of his wrongs, liberates him, and promises him salvation.
    • The pressure mounts for her to unburden her sister and to go back to the security of her abusive ex-spouse.
    • It literally releases them like spores and bursts as it gets unburdened.
  • 2

    (conscience) descargar
    to unburden oneself of sth librarse / aliviarse de algo
    to unburden oneself/one's soul / heart to sb desahogarse con algn
    • Why not unburden yourself in Confession and let his grace flow in your life?
    • But Dr Kelly did not share his concerns with colleagues, and we do not yet know how much he unburdened himself to his family.
    • If Nick had anything else to tell him, he could unburden himself at the launch party.
    • He wanted to unburden himself and he wanted her opinion on the matters that had been troubling him.
    • In the end, she persuades the beast to unburden himself of the guilt which afflicts him by handing over his wealth to her.
    • People have probably used language to get things off their chest for thousands of years, but venting is more than just unburdening yourself of a troublesome thought.
    • Weren't they ever gripped by the overwhelming urge to unburden themselves, to a taxi driver, say, or a nice barman?
    • Many unburdened themselves in juvenile memoirs or drawings which have been shamefully neglected until recently.
    • Other alcoholics in golf, including John Daly, Barclay Howard and Brian Barnes, have found it therapeutic to unburden themselves in public, but the healing process may be at too early a stage for Stirling.
    • He clearly wanted to unburden himself about the way Labour governs the country and Parliament's ‘shameful’ inability to control the executive.
    • I just felt the need to unburden myself, that's all.
    • Talking to a Spanish reporter, he chose to unburden himself of almost a year of frustration.
    • Providing a safe and healing environment in which they can unburden themselves of at least some of this load is a healing in and of itself.
    • To be fair, yesterday was all the shades of blue with a gentle breeze and three new species of fish plus a turtle to see, so today is the day to unburden myself.
    • I doubt if he will be the one you unburden your soul to.
    • ‘I have told you something in a moment of irresistible desire to unburden my soul which all but a fool would have kept silent as the grave,’ [Mrs Charmond] said.
    • It is noteworthy she says that he unburdened himself to anyone who would listen.
    • He knew it was a miserable way to go, without having accomplished anything or unburdened himself.
    • Therefore, a certain naiveté, unburdened by conventional wisdom, can sometimes be a positive asset.
    • I suggested that he should unburden his mind and clear his conscience… by telling me the full story.