Translation of uncoil in Spanish:


desenroscarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈkɔɪl/ /ʌnˈkɔɪl/

intransitive verb

  • 1


transitive verb

  • 1

    (rope) desenroscar
    (hair) soltar
    • The great singing actress's face contorts in contradictory directions; the fingers claw palpable holes into the air; the body coils and uncoils; the legs are in overdrive.
    • She coils and uncoils her long black hair as she speaks.
    • The knot cannot be unravelled but can uncoil like a snake, start up like the brain-fever-bird that disturbs any chance of rest.
    • Or they may show the swaying effects of snakes as they coil or uncoil.
    • Continuously land, squat and explode upward as if your body is a giant spring coiling and uncoiling.
    • I have to transfer my weight as efficiently as possible, coiling and uncoiling my torso to create maximum speed at impact.
    • Taxa within the group are variously unilocular or multilocular, spherical, tubular or uniserial, and coiled or uncoiled.
    • A tension is created that causes the coiling, intercalating network of matrix molecules to partially uncoil and straighten, restricting polymer motion and causing a more uniform conformation than in the unstrained matrix.
    • Coil and uncoil - bring your hip back to where it started.
    • If your transplant was grown in a container and its roots have become coiled inside the pot, be sure to uncoil and gently spread the roots apart before planting.
    • When it is uncoiled, the rope takes on its ‘true’ or active shape.
    • We uncoiled our second rope, a hundred-foot hunk of 11 mm static that John sometimes used to tow his pickup.
    • He uncoiled a slim rope from his belt, looped it around a rock, and repelled down the wall into the crevice.
    • About six inches in front of her was a massive snake uncoiled and ready to strike.
    • I uncoiled my legs, and leapt to my feet, at the same time as I jumped forward, dodging further shots as they hit behind me.
    • Gant's power comes from a compact swing that allows him to uncoil from the legs and waist rather than the arms.
    • Rudely awoken, the snake uncoiled and whipped into the undergrowth.
    • Suddenly uncoiling, he plunged his arm into it, his 225 pounds of muscle and sinew straining as he groped for something within.
    • Slowly uncoiling underneath the imposing Mount Rotui is the island's single coastline road.
    • She starts uncoiling the extension cord that attaches the modem to my computer.