Translation of unconvinced in Spanish:


no convencido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkənˈvɪnst/ /ʌnkənˈvɪnst/


  • 1

    no convencido
    to be unconvinced of sth/that no estar convencido de algo/de que
    he remained unconvinced by her arguments sus argumentos no acababan de convencerlo
    • they looked unconvinced no parecían muy convencidos
    • But people in the Black Isle are distrustful of government scientific advice and remain unconvinced.
    • Many parents remain unconvinced and are pushing to question the minister.
    • He is well aware of my dubious provenance as a tipster, but seemed unconvinced that I could be that bad.
    • European oil companies Shell and Elf pulled out last year unconvinced of the project's viability.
    • Neil Wallis, editor of the Sunday People, was entirely unconvinced.
    • But the public remained unconvinced and the families of her victims vowed to kill her if she was ever set free.
    • However often he repeats this message, many remain unconvinced.
    • But the protesters, who are increasingly determined to halt the spread of wind farms, are unconvinced.
    • He left a number of local residents unconvinced by some aspects of the plans, but he carefully spelled out what the alternative would be.
    • Most aid agencies however remain unconvinced and concerned about how Pakistan might treat those that are part of a fresh influx.
    • Murray has listened to the same arguments, but remains unconvinced.
    • I'd like to think we will give them a good game, but I remain unconvinced after yesterday's performance.
    • The rest of the world, and a good part of the American public, are also unconvinced.
    • Shirley wrote from Boston to London urging the deportation of the Acadians, but Britain was unconvinced.
    • Many people who work with the impoverished are unconvinced there's enough work available.
    • Lord Falconer said the government remained unconvinced about the case for change so there was nothing for people to vote on.
    • With the Celtic support already unconvinced about his form, mistakes such as these draw attention to his whole game.
    • We remain unconvinced by the arguments for CS spray, and feel that it carries a number of health implications.
    • He looks like a man unsure and unconvinced he has got it right.
    • His first album, One Mississippi, was a critical hit, but Virgin records remained unconvinced.