Translation of uncorrected in Spanish:


sin correcciones, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkəˈrɛktɪd/ /ʌnkəˈrɛktɪd/


  • 1

    (manuscript) sin correcciones
    (error/misconception) sin corregir
    (vision) no corregido
    • And of course, this also means that spelling mistakes will go uncorrected…
    • If you want proof, do not just look at the mistakes which go uncorrected in the work your children bring back from school.
    • We compared the uncorrected and corrected data.
    • If this release is ‘corrected,’ the uncorrected version must be truly appalling.
    • Never would I allow myself to be leave mistakes uncorrected, miss a deadline, or leave an assignment incomplete.
    • It's a fair bet that additional hundreds or even thousands of mistakes go unnoticed and uncorrected every year.
    • The mistake remained on the site undetected and uncorrected.
    • Their mistakes often went uncorrected, and the team lacked veterans who could fill the leadership void.
    • I actually caught the error and corrected it in the draft, but unfortunately, the uncorrected version was sent out.
    • The Editor has been holding a steward's inquiry and it seems that one sports executive, in a hurry to get home, put in an earlier, uncorrected version of the story and didn't hang around to check it.
    • But I pressed on undeterred and two days before our interview was arranged, an uncorrected proof of his book arrived in the post and within a couple of hours I was salivating.
    • This reviewer, though, has only an uncorrected proof, so those prepared to go into battle with this book should see if such errors persist.
    • Second, the lack of research by the local press with regard to this organisation in the early days of the campaign went largely uncorrected.
    • Participants with less than 20/20 vision uncorrected wore their corrective lenses/glasses during the experiment.
    • By training each side separately and equally, you can begin correcting an imbalance that, if left uncorrected, could ultimately lead to an overuse injury.
    • Here their Lordships are satisfied that a generous interpretation of ‘a question of law’ is needed so as to ensure that no injustice will remain uncorrected.
    • Unfortunately, when Isabella got her paper back, the errant apostrophe had been allowed to go uncorrected.
    • Both claims were false, and lay uncorrected for months.
    • I have transferred her correction to this edition, although it is not in agreement with other uncorrected copies of the first edition.
    • The three cases were resolved several years ago, but deficiencies in the university's policies governing faculty appointments remained uncorrected.