Translation of under in Spanish:


debajo de, prep

Pronunciation /ˈəndər/ /ˈʌndə/

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  • 1

    debajo de
    abajo demira Latin America
    have you looked under the cupboard? ¿has mirado debajo del armario?
    • under the starry sky bajo el cielo estrellado
    • under a magnifying glass a través de una lupa
    • This tissue is examined under a microscope by a pathologist to check for cancer cells.
    • Pity the display was directly under the departures board which had a long list of delayed and cancelled trains.
    • His terrier pup stretches out directly under the electric fire, but Colin too needs heat on his old bones.
    • One bird was found directly under a utility line and one was located on the side of a county road.
    • Lie on your side and position your bottom elbow directly under your shoulder as a support.
    • It is a flare, burning gas from deep under the ground, a by-product of the pumping of oil.
    • Megan held her breath as she put her head directly under the nozzle, the water running down her face and though her hair.
    • The replacement of gas pipes under the road began February 3 and are set to be finished on May 31.
    • Advice from his officers, which has been seen by the Daily Echo, failed to mention how much oil could lie under the site.
    • But a gas main discovered under the planned memorial has put the project in jeopardy.
    • Huge reserves of fossil fuels remain to be even considered, let alone tapped, eg gas hydrates under the oceans.
    • Place the haddock on an oiled grill tray, brush with oil and place under a preheated grill for three minutes.
    • They dislike being planted under trees or in soil that gets waterlogged.
    • He charged 80 metres down field leaving a stunned defence in his wake to plant the ball under the uprights.
    • It would skirt Northcliffe Playing fields and pass under or over Bradford Road at the Branch pub.
    • We look for the lost keys under the lamp post because that is where there is light.
    • The recent appearance of lines under my eyes confirm the toll of early risings and long days.
    • We do know they were caused by a geological fault under Manchester which appears to have settled now.
    • This led to a climb down into a small streamway, which appeared to run under the floor of the chamber.
    • It was only the very quick reaction of the driver that prevented the scooter finishing up under the bus wheels.
    • I skidded in the rain, the bike went head over wheels and I finished up under his car.
    • Richey is looking forward to experiencing the things we take for granted, such as feeling grass under his feet.
    • Why waste all that room under the kitchen sink by simply filling it with garbage?
  • 2

    (less than)
    menos de
    if you're under 18 si tienes menos de 18 años
    • in under an hour en menos de una hora
    • a number under 20 un número inferior a 20
    • However, it could be less than half of the expected amount, or under £750 in our example.
    • The tasks are often to write a short story under a certain amount of words.
    • Mr Delaney said he was very happy to report that he had a heart rate of under 60 beats to the minute.
    • Employers are using overseas workers because they believe they can pay them under the union rate.
    • Jacques Chirac, the right wing president, scraped just under 20 percent of the vote.
    • The report forecast more profit warnings for the year and growth of under ten per cent.
    • Which meant if I ran the second half at the same speed I would have finished in under four hours.
    • He finished in just under five hours, describing it as a sweet and sour experience.
    • About a quarter of the farms were classified as small, varying round an average of just under one acre and a half.
    • Also taking part was Malcolm Smart, who finished in just under two hours.
    • The average size of email-bourne viruses so far this year has been well under 20 kilobytes.
    • During the same period last year just under two million viewers had done so.
    • The majority of cases in Angola have occurred in children under the age of five years.
    • Polio can strike at any age, though half of all cases occur in children under three.
    • When miscarriage occurs under 10 weeks, it is more likely to complete spontaneously.
    • He said he couldn't say the defendant should have known she was under 16 by her appearance.
    • I define roadster as under two litres, fun, dependable, cheap to run, with low maintenance.
    • All that can be determined is the children appear to be under the age of 14 years.
    • Buying alcohol on behalf of someone under 18 could lead to an appearance in court.
    • It is great fun for everyone but children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult.
    • The fire was brought under control just under three hours later with the main bulk of the blaze extinguished.
  • 3

    (name/heading) bajo
    under another name bajo otro nombre
    • look under 'textiles' mira en / bajo 'textiles'
    • it was published under a different title se publicó con otro título
    • Now Byng has simplified the company, publishing all its books under the Canongate title.
    • In both the US and UK the novel will be published under the name Michael Marshall.
    • Brice offers to publish Ben's manuscript under his own name for guaranteed commercial success.
    • Why did James continue writing anonymously after he had been published under his own name?
    • One of the most memorable LA moments for me was filed under the title Whatever next?
    • When his first piece of writing won a competition it was published under his Irish name.
    • She would marry Ron Graham in 1983 but she continued to publish under her original name of Fan Chung.
    • Even then it was published anonymously under the name of a printer that had long been out of business.
    • The fact is that our papers ought to be published under our joint names, but if this were done neither of us get the benefit of it.
    • He sent a large number of his puzzles to Loyd and became very upset when Loyd began to publish them under his own name.
    • His way round this, which was also adopted by others, was to publish under a different name.
    • Now he just needs to come up with a few classics under his own name and the place in the rock pantheon he obviously craves will be assured.
    • If the item is not listed, would it fall under one of the classifications if it were?
    • In 1906 he published a description of the region, under the title The Dead Heart of Australia.
    • Are we right to allow all sorts of stuff to appear under our name online?
    • Childe Harold appeared under his imprint, as did most of Byron's other work.
    • This newspaper began highlighting the level of casual violence under the logo Violent Britain.
    • New work by local artists has been brought together in Kendal under a single canvas at The Art Circus.
  • 4

    • 4.1

      (government/authority) bajo
      under this regime bajo este régimen
      • he served under General Baldwin estuvo a las órdenes del general Baldwin
      • he has 20 people under him tiene 20 personas a su mando
      • to be under the doctor estar siendo tratado por el médico
      • They have slipped back even from the freedoms they enjoyed under imperial rule.
      • England, under Alfred, similarly saw the encouragement of learning and the establishment of monastic houses.
      • The constraints became even clearer in the years of Whig ascendency under George I and George II.
      • The 1870s were a time of consolidating political reforms under the rule of Juarez.
      • Petipa ran the company during the late 19th century, when Russia was under the rule of the Czars.
      • One hundred years ago both our countries were firmly under the rule of believers.
      • It's true that Bermuda's continued prosperity is not guaranteed if it remains under British rule.
      • They had personal freedoms under his rule but they demanded political freedom too.
      • After 52 years, cynics have begun to feel that things were better under the British rule.
      • I had a friend whose family owned land in Egypt when it was under British rule 50 or 60 years ago.
      • He was the minister of the interior under the reign of the former emperor.
      • This reminds us that Elgar was culturally a Victorian who flourished under the reign of Victoria's son.
      • The sad truth is that what happened under the reign of Leopold II in the Congo has for so long been undocumented.
      • The status of the monarchy had started to decline under the reign of James I.

    • 4.2(subject to)

      under his gaze bajo su mirada
      • to be under construction/observation estar en construcción/observación
      • to be under discussion estarse discutiendo
      • under police escort con escolta policial
      • to be under suspicion estar bajo sospecha
      • to be under pressure estar sometido a presiones
      • I'm under instructions not to reveal anything tengo instrucciones de no revelar nada
      • he was under the impression that … tenía la impresión de que …
      • He became a crucial mediator in the Northern Ireland peace process under President Clinton.
      • Those living under an oppressive regime may have good reason to seek this level of online privacy.
      • At least in that time, the excuse of living under a brutal regime could at least be used.
      • He is sure to maintain his heavy role within the offense under new coach Sidney Lowe.
      • When the tsunami hit in December the province was under a second period of civil emergency.
      • Childbirth in Kazakhstan occurs in a hospital under the care of a doctor whenever possible.
      • A great fun night was had by all under the leadership of Quiz master Mr. Peter Guy.
      • Meanwhile, the government forces under General Cope appeared belatedly to take him on.
      • The US occupation authority has placed the city under what amounts to martial law.
      • Michael was to come directly under the command of the pope and such a combination promised trouble.
      • Many of them, including the President, were directly or ultimately under his command.
      • Religious congregations took over schools at all levels under the authority of bishops.
      • Yule spent a year in Bonn undertaking research in experimental physics under Hertz.
      • At first he studied under teachers who prescribed rigorous fasting and self-mortification.
      • I have known of him for many years, and several of my friends studied under him and speak very highly of him.
      • They have both been studying for five years under Academy founder Richard Smith.
      • He said that management had done its best to retain a viable share of the market under difficult trading conditions.
      • The process put us under a lot of stress, and we felt that something shameful and wrong had occurred.
      • I sent this email under the impression that I was dealing with a reputable journalistic outfit.
      • Last week, he was released and placed under house arrest pending trial due to his poor state of health.
      • Plants are often under high temperature stress even in their native habitats.
      • These trees can start producing fruit within about six years under the right conditions.
      • Plans to place suspects who cannot be tried under house arrest have already drawn protests from campaigners.
      • No matter what happens later, these men did a superior job under difficult circumstances.
      • The relative safety of home births under these circumstances is quite difficult to judge.
      • Plants were cultivated under the same conditions as in hydroponic culture.
      • They worked on art creation and education under extremely difficult conditions.
      • This gives you a talent for successfully performing difficult work under tiring circumstances.
      • A wide range of mechanical and chemical measurements on plant parts can now be made under field conditions.
      • Plants were grown under rain-fed conditions and plots were well fertilized before sowing.
      • For decades, he helped many of them to survive under difficult circumstances.
      • They got out of their car and, without notice, put us under arrest and handcuffed us.
      • They were restrained before being taken under arrest to St Aldate's Police station.
      • Last night he was under arrest in Egypt, being questioned about the London terror attacks.
      • In neither case do I believe that the authors are actually under the delusion that the systems they are touting are perfect.
      • I don't think of us are under any illusions about those elections.
      • She was apparently then taken away to the Alice Springs safe house where she has been kept under police protection.

    • 4.3Farming

      she has one field under barley tiene un campo plantado de cebada
      • Its 600 hectares is mostly arable land and at one time 240 hectares was under soya beans.
      • Sixty percent of fields were under grass, and farmers lived by growing oats and hay for horses.

  • 5

    (according to)
    under the rules/the constitution/the terms of the contract según las reglas/la constitución/los términos del contrato
    • Three men arrested at the airport under Anti-Terrorism laws have now been released without charge.
    • He is prohibited from using the Internet under the terms of his release.
    • Further there is no evidence as to what the insolvency processes would be under the law of Poland.
    • Australia is prosecuting the first alleged spammer under its new-ish Spam Act.
    • The law does not limit the terms under which a software product can be licensed.
    • If an application was submitted it would be given due process under the planning laws.
    • Perhaps they dare not mention that in case a lot of users return their software under the copyright act.
    • It appears that this may be the first test of this process under the Statute.
    • Even if the person returning the item has a receipt, under the law the contract is between the buyer and the seller.
    • All four youths were arrested under the Explosives Act and taken to Fulford Police Station.
    • English or French water companies will be free to sell water under contract to those who want their supplies.
    • The first arrest under the new powers, which came into effect on July 16, was made last Saturday.
    • They have been denied the rights afforded under the proper judicial process.
    • I take no pleasure in saying I have been arrested hundreds of times under by-laws.
    • In two recent cases, protestors have been arrested under the 1361 Justices of the Peace Act.
    • This is despite the fact that Bridgestone is obliged to supply Minardi with tyres under F1 rules.
    • Smith is under contract but probably will be asked to take a pay cut or face being released.
    • This duty arises both under the contract of employment and under the common law principles of negligence.
    • This power may overlap with the power to remove people to hospital under the National Assistance Acts.
    • If successful, it too would have access to UK data under the mutual assistance treaties.


  • 1

    • 1.1(under water)

      they pushed him under lo empujaron debajo del agua
      • she was under for three minutes estuvo sumergida durante tres minutos
      • I'm slinking along the bottom like an eel, trying to see how long I can stay under before I need to surface.
      • But the boat was sinking fast and when the stern went under, a rush of air pushed four people out of the cabin.
      • When I heard the splash I turned round and saw the boy was struggling and going under.
      • Many of the troops died in deliberately-flooded fields, dragged under by their equipment.

    • 1.2(anesthetized)

      she's still under todavía está bajo los efectos de la anestesia
      • When I came to, it turned out that I had been under for a whole hour.

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