Translation of undergraduate in Spanish:


universitario, n.

Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈɡrædʒuət/ /ʌndəˈɡradjʊət/

Definition of universitario in Spanish


  • 1

    (course/student) (before noun) universitario
    (humor) algo infantil derogatory
    (magazine) de estudiantes
    (magazine) estudiantil
    (de licenciatura) estudiante universitario masculine
    (de licenciatura) estudiante universitaria feminine
    • Many of our students study as undergraduates or post-graduates abroad.
    • Student debt is increasingly putting prospective undergraduates off going to university.
    • This is an excellent text, useful for undergraduates and graduate students alike.
    • Two thirds of York's undergraduates live in university accommodation.
    • Is it up to universities to provide undergraduates with the facilities to get such experience, or is it up to industry?
    • Dundee's Caird Hall, the venue for the student enterprise summit, was buzzing with undergraduates and postgrads.
    • The crew of four undergraduates and one MSc postgraduate are the first to win Henley's newest event, inaugurated this year.
    • Community colleges enroll almost one half of all undergraduates in the United States each fall.
    • Apartments are planned for upper level undergraduates on the north and south fringes of campus.
    • Many undergraduates also opposed increasing the winter break to four weeks.
    • What approaches to that study do the teachers of those undergraduates take?
    • We will be asked to teach more undergraduates with fewer faculty and smaller operating budgets.
    • However it is clear that poor undergraduates are worse hit here, because they are more reliant on these aspects of student funding.
    • Students started working with her as undergraduates and then continued through graduate school.
    • He makes a point of hiring undergraduates in addition to the graduate students to work with him on his research.
    • I think urban universities enrol larger numbers of adult undergraduates.
    • He invited a few undergraduates from state schools for drinks and discovered many had teacher parents.
    • He spent his last few years at Wolfson college and continued to lecture undergraduates until last year.
    • Erika is an undergraduate at San Diego State University, majoring in biology.
    • I first started reading Ulysses in the late 1990s, as an undergraduate at University College Dublin.