Translation of underpay in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈpeɪ/ /ʌndəˈpeɪ/

transitive verb underpaid, underpaid

  • 1

    they underpay their employees les pagan muy mal a sus empleados
    • they underpaid me (by) $55 last month me pagaron 55 dólares de menos el mes pasado
    • And as I pointed out in an earlier column, if they read the details of the lengthy contract, they might have thought she was underpaid by the company.
    • We are there to support the teacher in the classroom and to assist in many other ways and, yes, we are underpaid.
    • ‘We don't need an inquiry to know that we are underpaid and undervalued,’ says Ken, the local union chairman.
    • The final straw came when she discovered that she was heavily underpaid compared with male executives within the group doing similar or equivalent jobs.
    • After about 60 days, I knew I was underpaid for the amount of work one had to do in my position.
    • I'm still here, overworked but at least I'm not underpaid, not this week anyway.
    • He takes much of the credit for Lena's work, underpays her, and takes her for granted.
    • Now we were working for someone else, and they were underpaying us!
    • Instead, we are often underpaid and overworked.
    • Our profession attracts highly educated, creative, hard-working and nurturing individuals, yet most of us are underpaid.
    • He hasn't been pleased with the slow progress on several projects relating to the program, and he thinks he's underpaid.
    • The union says in 2003 the company will take a wage survey and if we are underpaid, we will get additional wage increases.
    • The company I was working for illegally underpaid all the workers, but there was nothing we could do about it.
    • The producers are underpaying the actors quite badly.
    • Meat factories have been slated for underpaying farmers for lamb.
    • We're undervaluing and underpaying young adults, including potentially breadwinning fathers.
    • Workers were severely underpaid and denied social benefits such as free meals and transportation and the signing of a collective labour contract was blocked.
    • Activists say the workers are underpaid and overworked and are turning now to an unusual source to help them complete their heavy workload.
    • The judge replied that most asylum-seekers who were threatened with penury couldn't get near the few underpaid lawyers who were prepared to give them a hearing.
    • I currently feel like an over-worked, underpaid member of the company.