Translation of understand in Spanish:


entender, v.

Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈstænd/ /ʌndəˈstand/

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transitive verb understood, understood

  • 1

    • 1.1(grasp meaning of)

      there are several words I can't understand hay unas cuantas palabras que no entiendo
      • I can't speak Italian, but I can understand it no hablo italiano pero lo entiendo
      • I can make myself understood me puedo hacer entender
      • I can't understand why he did it no logro entender / comprender por qué lo hizo
      • you must understand that these things take time tiene que comprender / entender que estas cosas llevan tiempo
      • I don't want it to happen again; have I made myself understood? no quiero que vuelva a suceder ¿está claro?
      • now that we understand one another ahora que nos entendemos
      • We knew that he had never been to school and yet he could speak so fluently and be understood by first language speakers.
      • For the most part, speakers of different dialects can make themselves understood to speakers of other dialects.
      • To top it all off, half of the actresses sound like they're trying to speak English without understanding a word of it.
      • The Armenian language has many dialects, some of which cannot be understood by speakers of other dialects.
      • It was virtually impossible to hear a word anyone was saying or to make yourself understood.
      • I do not understand the words these motorcycle guys are saying yet the language they speak is universal.
      • Computers can use language, but they can't use and understand words.
      • I was already fluent in French and Spanish so it was not difficult to understand another Latin language.
      • Discovering how other languages work helps you understand your own better.
      • Even someone who did not know English would have understood every word.
      • Somehow between our languages we were able to make ourselves understood.
      • Sometimes it is difficult to make yourself understood even by those who share your language.
      • She looked at me with no expression at all as if she didn't understand a word I'd said.
      • Maxwell was seconds away from challenging the man about it when he discovered the guy was Italian and hadn't understood a word.
      • I knew very little Spanish when I came here, but I have been learning and can now make myself understood.
      • We spoke the same minority language, and understood the same underground symbols.
      • They must take the initiative to understand indigenous languages and cultures.
      • At my workplace my boss gets the children to memorise great tracks of English, but they don't understand a word of it.
      • For whatever reason he had formed the erroneous impression that she did not understand the Creole language.
      • I didn't understand a word of the German they were singing in, but that didn't seem to matter at all.

    • 1.2(interpret)

      her remark can be understood several ways su comentario se puede entender / interpretar de varias maneras
      • I understood him to be saying something quite different por lo que yo entendí él dijo algo muy diferente
      • please understand me correctly! por favor no me malinterpreten / no me interpreten mal
      • as I understand it, … según tengo entendido, …
      • what do you understand by the term 'deprivation'? ¿qué entiendes tú por 'privaciones'?
      • But Jack rejects this view and understands it for what it is.
      • A lot of people don't understand it and view it as something negative because of the extreme nature of it.
      • It normally understood all points of view equally, but something seemed to be changing with it.
      • Science in this view is simply understanding their gods' methods and intentions.
      • This point of view is essential to understanding the framework of national history.
      • At the same time, the painting's title requires us to understand it as a view of New York.
      • I can't understand this point of view on any level, and hope I never will.
      • The Journal is usually better at understanding economics than this.
      • It will steer you towards companies that are small friendly and reliable - and usually excellent at understanding the needs of a family holiday.
      • The times change, but the enduring principles that help us to interpret and understand the world do not.
      • Although his writing is political, it is not political in the usually understood sense.
      • As you can see, it's nearly impossible for a lay citizen to read a piece of legislation today and understand its impact.
      • Many believe his discovery will change the face of science and how scientists understand the very nature of reality.
      • In journalism classically understood, information flows from the press to the public.

    • 1.3(sympathize, empathize with)

      (fears/doubts/person) comprender
      (fears/doubts/person) entender
      try to understand my position trata de comprender / entender mi situación
      • nobody understands me! nadie me entiende / comprende
      • There's a sense that this guy is not quite understanding enough or sympathetic enough to the allies' point of view.
      • One would believe that pain would be socially understood and somewhat sympathized with.
      • In the case of Nora, I refused to start writing her as a character until I truly understood her.
      • In order for a reader to understand a story, the characters must be understood.
      • Misha was alone, and she was aware that few people understood her.
      • I have been obsessed by this, trying to understand the very nature of my existence.
      • And surely part of the problem was that while everyone thought they knew him, he kind of pointedly revealed that nobody ever quite understood him.
      • I never quite felt I understood her or what she was after.
      • I don't think she quite understands me very well.
      • The provinces did not quite understand London, and slightly mistrusted it.
      • However, as someone who understands Australia quite well, I wish to suggest entrepreneurs be cautious about it.
      • It's a common oversight because lighting technology isn't quite understood by homeowners.
      • Brit rolled her eyes, never quite understanding her sister's tomboyish streak.
      • I didn't quite understand myself how I could love him so much.
      • Given the pressure he was under, I understood and even sympathized.
      • Her aunt and uncle understood and sympathized with her mother, feeling bad that someone in their family suffered a divorce.
      • He understands how his characters are shaped and trapped by circumstance, and that their circumstance can sometimes be simply ignorance.
      • Others feel the need for a bit of encouragement, a sense that the preacher understands or better still sympathises with the compulsions of their lives.
      • While Scott concedes that she is somewhat overbearing, he understands what the character is all about.
      • Have you ever wondered why you can never seem to understand your significant other?
      • Everything makes sense when you're little, because what you don't understand you invent an explanation for.
      • I'm not sure I understood much about the situation in the region.
      • What needs to be understood about the situation is that both leaders are hostage to their own constituencies.
      • I've gotten some sympathy from a girlfriend, who says she doesn't understand the situation either - she understands me and where I am on it, just not him.
      • I think we understood each other's situation, almost to the point that you become protective of each other.
      • This situation is better understood through lenses of conflict theory.
      • If Nancy comes across as too mercenary, her situation must be understood.
      • Wise woman that she was, she understood this was a situation where she didn't belong.
      • I don't believe he understood very well the significance of the date.
      • I just want to understand what the practical significance of this issue is.
      • I am afraid I have to say that I find that explanation difficult to understand.
      • This point is pretty widely understood by people following or reporting on this story.
      • It's so simple, but it can never be understood or mastered.
      • The real significance of new IT devices can also now be understood better.
      • It was because I hardly understood and grasped the situation myself.
      • Without this perspective, the significance of the case cannot be fully understood.
      • Its significance has not been fully understood because of controversy over its dating.
      • This must be clearly understood by everyone and I think the situation will become much better in that case.
      • It was a credit to the council and, while it was a very costly facility, it could now be understood why the cost was so high.
      • He understands how volatile this situation is.

  • 2

    (believe, infer)
    → see also understood
    the president is understood to favor the second option se cree que el presidente prefiere la segunda opción
    • she is understood to have said that … parece que dijo que …
    • I understand you play tennis tengo entendido que juega al tenis
    • I understood you'd changed jobs creí que había cambiado de trabajo
    • am I to understand that you won't help? ¿entonces quiere decir que no me van a ayudar?
    • she has let it be understood that … ha dado a entender que …

intransitive verb understood, understood

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    you're an expert, I understand tengo entendido que eres todo un experto