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entendimiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˌəndərˈstændɪŋ/ /ʌndəˈstandɪŋ/

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    • 1.1(grasp)

      entendimiento masculino
      a child's understanding is limited el entendimiento de un niño es limitado
      • he has little/no understanding of the problem no comprende muy bien/para nada el problema
      • we now have a better / greater understanding of it ahora lo entendemos / lo comprendemos mejor
      • It may not be until June or July of next year until a more comprehensive understanding of the problem is reached.
      • He constantly strives to increase his abilities and his understanding of the obstacles around him.
      • Our understanding of and ability to control quantum systems have never been so good.
      • The sum is so beyond the realms of understanding that he can't grasp it.
      • They and others, such as the lawyers in the case, were edging forward in trying to improve their understanding and abilities in these difficult matters.
      • Her idea of achievement is a clean house and an empty ironing basket; the demands of my career are quite beyond her understanding.
      • It seems that our people's poet had an intimate knowledge and understanding of human psychology.
      • Some things, however, seemed destined to remain beyond my understanding.
      • The compulsion that has driven the directors of these movies is beyond my understanding.
      • She basked in the glow of it, without understanding or comprehension, as a plant receives sunlight.
      • Her levels of engagement, understanding and ability to follow the differentiated curriculum will have to be monitored.
      • We obtain thereby a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of every field.
      • My job here is to facilitate your understanding and ability.
      • A-levels provided a ready platform of knowledge and understanding that undergraduates built on during their three years at university.
      • Edwards clearly relying on someone else's brief, rather than his own knowledge or understanding of the issues.
      • Only someone with no real knowledge or understanding of the history of ideas could take such a fad seriously.
      • In the intervening period, I invested a great deal of energy in the search for explanations and understanding.
      • From their point of view, understanding the social and cultural impact is far better and far more valuable.
      • Modern understandings of astrophysics allow three possible fates for such a collapsing star.
      • It is beyond any understanding how he could have been caught up in all of this.

    • 1.2(interpretation)

      interpretación femenino
      that's not my understanding of what he meant no es así como yo interpreto sus palabras
      • your understanding of the law is not the same as mine su interpretación de la ley es distinta de la mía
      • His understanding of the situation was that a fracas had spilled over from the field of play to where substitutes were sitting and they got involved.
      • This has been an unfortunately brief, but crucial attempt at increasing our understanding of the situation we find ourselves in.
      • My understanding of the situation regarding the region was also influenced by his work.
      • Meanwhile, the reader's understanding of the situation remains impoverished.
      • To be able to get so personal over a subject which is so controversial shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation from our point of view.
      • They suffer from varying degrees of autism, which impairs an individual's understanding of everyday life.
      • Perhaps, but then every individual's understanding of the world is unique.
      • My understanding is that this situation can only be changed by way of a legal challenge.
      • My understanding of the situation a few years ago was that there were two main groups.
      • It is my understanding that this individual is cooperating and providing information to the investigators.
      • Yet for people to act responsibly, they must first have a certain level of understanding of the situation which faces them.
      • The region is treated as part of the country in the memorandum, according to regional diplomats' understanding of the situation.
      • It is clear that what is acceptable to be bared in society varies according to societal or individual understanding.
      • Our understanding of normal sensory perception is based upon observations that are reproducible.
      • Some sessions with a family therapist would surely improve your understanding of the situation.
      • They had been confident enough in their understanding of the situation to ignore the caution in the manual.
      • That is, we filter and interpret information through our own experience and understandings.
      • The reader comes to views and opinions and understandings that the narrator does not share.
      • I think we have divergent understandings of multiculturalism.
      • The first understandings of celestial mechanics were not dependent on vast stretches of time.

    • 1.3(sympathy)

      comprensión femenino
      these exchanges promote international understanding estos intercambios fomentan el entendimiento / la concordia entre las naciones
      • They have shown no compassion, no understanding, no tolerance, and especially, no patience.
      • Tolerance and understanding develops between Ruth and other members of the household.
      • Every story he tells in some way teaches tolerance and understanding.
      • It would promote tolerance and understanding in the community.
      • All I would like is a little tolerance and understanding.
      • I think it is a totally different place and quite honestly a much better place in terms of tolerance and understanding.
      • People like them would make all the difference in building bridges of tolerance and understanding, he said.
      • I would like to briefly preach the merits of tolerance and understanding.
      • He thanked the people of the town for their remarkable tolerance and understanding.
      • The steps towards tolerance and understanding between the communities will be slow and arduous.
      • You could admit your insecurities and ask for his tolerance and understanding as you try to work them out.
      • Now, as was the case back then, a little tolerance and understanding is needed.
      • I am incensed at the lack of tolerance and understanding that still exists in some quarters.
      • The best tool for raising awareness and understanding is teaching.
      • In spite of this, they constantly discuss ways to increase awareness and understanding of their problems.
      • Public awareness and understanding will go a long way in making the life of such a person more meaningful and relaxed.
      • This training includes awareness and understanding of post traumatic stress.
      • What shocks you more is your growing lack of patience, of understanding, of comprehension.
      • Tolerance and understanding come from education.
      • The support and understanding parents provide can help kids accept their most frightening emotions.

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    (agreement, arrangement)
    acuerdo masculino
    to have an understanding (with sb)
    to come to / reach an understanding (with sb) llegar a un acuerdo (con algn)
    • How do we establish mutual agreements or common understandings while respecting diversity?
    • They just do not come close to telling the whole story, since informal understandings and norms are crucial in determining outcomes.
    • All was talk except for what mattered most, which were unspoken understandings.
    • This agreement supersedes any prior agreements or understandings between the parties as to this subject matter.
    • Further, consent is subject to the cultural rules and understandings of that community.
    • But it is tied into international agreements, conventions, and understandings.
    • The challenge is to create shared - but not necessarily common - understandings.
    • All the laws and international understandings created as a result of two world wars will be destroyed.
    • Some cultures still have these understandings, where the men and women know their roles in a relationship.
    • Once these understandings are in place, then parent and child can rely on them.
    • They're going to come out of this with a coherent set of guidelines and understandings.
    • Her statement became the basis for understandings between the two countries.
    • It is the complex network of friends who look out for each other and run council affairs on the basis of shared understandings.
    • Still we manage to spend whole lifetimes together based on such understandings.
    • Will we start to see signs that understandings have been reached between the two operators?
    • Silence, or understandings based on silence, does not commitments make.
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    it was my understanding that I would get the job tenía entendido / creía que me darían el trabajo
    • our understanding is that the offer has been rejected según tenemos entendido, han rechazado la oferta
    • on the understanding that … bien entendido que


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