Translation of understated in Spanish:


sobrio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈsteɪdəd/ /ˌʌndəˈstəɪtɪd/

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    (decor/style) sobrio
    (decor/style) sencillo
    (dress) discreto
    (dress) sencillo
    her performance is restrained and understated su actuación es moderada y comedida
    • The screen is filled with earthy understated hues and subtle pastels.
    • Relying on natural light and without gimmicks or props, his work was often understated and subtle but easily accessible.
    • The atmosphere throughout is one of understated elegance and the highest standards of comfort and luxury.
    • There is a love of natural forms and an appreciation of understated elegance.
    • She walked into a medium sized front room, decorated in an understated elegance.
    • He's dressed in scruffy jeans and a faded biker jacket, talking in quiet, understated tones.
    • His understated comedy, often just a subtle facial expression, was deeply funny to millions.
    • Subtlety is the foremost element in this suavely written and understated novel.
    • He is a wonderfully understated character with the gentle knowing presence of an outsider who understands.
    • Like most ads of its kind, it is self-consciously understated; but as it happens, it is just a little too smug for its own good.
    • There are still people who would go for a cool understated chic, and in our time of personally indulgent dressing this is probably the time to do it.
    • We love how last year's understated plain rings have given way to jazzed-up jewels.
    • It has that rare and refreshing eloquence of the understated.
    • They both have a powerful sense of humour and an understated wit that makes you look very carefully at what's on the page in case you miss anything.
    • Some rooms were once first-floor barns and feature original timber and stone in very modern but understated designs.
    • It's an impressive, understated debut that repays repeated listens.
    • There's an understated confidence about the food, and the service allows you to sit back and truly relax.
    • Like his restaurants, he typifies understated style and a calm underlying assurance of deep professionalism.
    • Instead, we were presented with bland technical data, neat, sanitised diagrams and understated text.
    • This brand emits an understated, international confidence, dating back to early jet-setting.