Translation of undiluted in Spanish:


sin diluir, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndaɪˈludəd/ /ˌəndəˈludəd/ /ʌndʌɪˈluːtɪd/


  • 1

    (juice) sin diluir
    the undiluted truth la verdad lisa y llana
    • it's undiluted pleasure/hatred es puro placer/odio
    • undiluted nonsense puras tonterías
    • It got so bad that Japan's Fair Trade Commission reported last summer only about one-third of the country's hot springs inns use pure, undiluted water from its natural source.
    • Only once significant essential oil knowledge is gained should you ever attempt to apply an undiluted oil on the skin.
    • Never put undiluted antifreeze in your radiator, says Dave Cappert, director of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
    • Additionally, some companies may falsely claim that their oils are undiluted or pure when they aren't.
    • Do not ingest these oils pure, as the undiluted oil can be fatal even in small doses.
    • According to this the physician advised the ruler to avoid over-eating and undiluted wine, to drink plenty of water every day, to avoid sex while drunk and to have baths after meals.
    • A cheaper solution is Goop, the greasemonkey's hand cleaner, or cheaper still, undiluted dishwashing liquid.
    • Complete ignorance of viticulture was the mark of savages; so too was the drinking of undiluted wine, which was associated with northern barbarians such as the Scythians (in modern Crimea).
    • Choirs of men and boys competed in singing hymns and we know that large amounts of undiluted wine and expensive food were consumed.
    • I felt like I'd just drunk a bottle of undiluted sunflower oil by the end of it.
    • Once you've established the notes of your fragrance, you can add the necessary undiluted essential oils to a base of alcohol and distilled water.
    • But its antiseptic properties also make it very useful in the home - apply after shaving or waxing to prevent ingrowing hairs, and use undiluted on minor cuts, burns, athlete's foot, bites, stings and cold sores.
    • Some prefer it straight, although the alcohol burn of anything but the softest undiluted whisky generally renders your tastebuds fairly useless.