Translation of undisputed in Spanish:


indiscutido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndəˈspjudəd/ /ʌndɪˈspjuːtɪd/


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    (champion/leader) indiscutido
    (champion/leader) indiscutible
    (champion/leader) incontestable
    these are the undisputed facts estos son los hechos innegables / que no se pueden negar
    • But the palpable excitement of managing the undisputed champion of heavyweight boxing has gone.
    • Tyson pays his respects to the last guy who beat him and Britain's undisputed world heavyweight champion.
    • Scott must surely be heralded as the undisputed heavy weight champion of the action adventure spectacular.
    • He was the undisputed champion of television comedy and there will never be another like him.
    • He won on points and, later the same year, became undisputed champion of the world.
    • This status of the sunnah has remained unchallenged and undisputed throughout the centuries.
    • He still believes that he is going to be the undisputed champion, but all he is going to do is get hurt.
    • Their presence is unquestioned and undisputed - their importance almost like an extra club in the bag.
    • The facts relied upon by Mr Reynolds before the judge were clear and undisputed.
    • The appeal raises a question of contractual construction on undisputed facts.
    • Margo and Big Tom were the undisputed favourites among the Irish in England.
    • This, then, is the Booker Prize 2000, the undisputed highlight of the literary calendar.
    • The medicinal and magical properties of the forest are undisputed.
    • This is as close to an undisputed knock-out as intellectual debate ever gets.
    • Fortunately, they do not object because he is an undisputed master of the craft and, they add, a genuinely decent guy.
    • It shows how ideas that seem absurd and barbaric to most of us nowadays were the undisputed norm only a century ago.
    • I was really hoping to unearth a decent movie this time, and I came up with an undisputed classic.
    • In any event, he will remain the nation's undisputed leader until his last breath.
    • For years to come, he would seem the undisputed leader of his country and an important European statesman.
    • It is undisputed that the increasing trend to learn and use English is desirable.