Translation of unexpired in Spanish:


no vencido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənəkˈspaɪ(ə)rd/ /ʌnɪkˈspʌɪəd/ /ʌnɛkˈspʌɪəd/


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    no vencido
    no caducado
    • As you own your own apartment outright, you are free to sell any time within the lease period but it will be sold with the lease attaching to it for the unexpired period.
    • He was jailed for a total of nine years, to run consecutively to a further year in prison imposed from the unexpired period of his previous sentence.
    • He will have to buy out the remainder of his contract, paying the club what he would earn over the unexpired period.
    • However, if the clause provides, in addition, that interest is payable immediately for the full unexpired period of the loan it is likely to constitute a penalty.
    • He was appointed to serve the final year of the unexpired term.
    • However, someone appointed to fill an unexpired term can subsequently serve an additional full term.
    • In August 1994, a new Congress was elected to complete the unexpired term.
    • Ransier was one of five candidates interviewed by Columbus City Council Democrats for the unexpired term.
    • When he first took office as Fed chairman in 1987, he filled an unexpired term, before being appointed to the full term.
    • John Chaffee's death, and the appointment of his son to the unexpired term, has shuffled the decks.
    • Members shall be appointed for 4 year terms or for the remainder of the unexpired term of a vacancy.
    • There are over 20 unexpired years left on the lease of the six-storey property.
    • Sparks was jailed for 15 months, to be served after the 193 day unexpired portion of his previous sentence.
    • He was given 15 months and must first serve the four months unexpired portion of his previous term.
    • He was given nine months in prison to be served after the six month unexpired portion of his previous sentence.
    • This can be important in cases in which a tenant purports to grant a sublease of the property but grants a term which is equivalent to, or greater than, the unexpired portion of his own lease.
    • The company has set aside a reserve for unexpired risks.
    • He was ordered to serve one year 11 months unexpired from his previous sentence, followed by the seven and a half years for the current offences.
    • The remaining 75 per cent of the income is secured on the retail portion of the site and there is around 13 years unexpired on the lease.
    • The office investment market continues to perform well, but appetite is restricted to city centre locations, long unexpired leases and strong tenant covenants.