Translation of unfeminine in Spanish:


poco femenino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈfɛmənɪn/ /ʌnˈfɛmɪnɪn/


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    poco femenino
    • Hairy legs on women are considered unfeminine, although they are completely natural.
    • She attributes her accomplishments to the far-sightedness of her father who not only encouraged her in academics but also stood steadfast in his support of her profession that was dubbed unfeminine.
    • They had to often wear unflattering and unfeminine clothes.
    • A woman being called unfeminine may take different forms.
    • Women have been socialized so strongly to become mothers that we often feel guilty, unfeminine or a failure if we are not sure whether we want children.
    • The company allegedly had a problem with her "unfeminine" clothing.
    • Women's clothing at that time was devoid of pockets which were considered unfeminine and unnecessary.
    • She worked out at a time when it was thought to be distinctly unfeminine.
    • Though women are swearing more today than before, it is still regarded by many as "unfeminine".
    • There is nothing unfeminine about striving for athletic excellence.