Translation of unformatted in Spanish:


no formateado, adj.

Pronunciation /ənˈfɔrmædəd/ /ʌnˈfɔːmatɪd/


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    no formateado
    sin formatear
    • He has to manage data from city hospitals delivering information on diseases by mail, fax, attached spreadsheets, and unformatted electronic text.
    • Researchers can search the information which is available as unformatted free text files that can be searched by keyword or phrase.
    • Note that if your new drive is unformatted, all you'll get if you make a mistake is an error.
    • Thanks in part to the Internet, the world is awash in data, the great majority of which is unformatted and housed in disparate, often inaccessible locations.
    • It has an unformatted capacity of 80GB, average seek time of 9ms, a 7200 rpm spindle speed and a buffer size of 2MB.