Translation of unfounded in Spanish:


infundado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈfaʊndəd/ /ʌnˈfaʊndɪd/

Definition of infundado in Spanish


  • 1

    (suspicion/accusation/belief) infundado
    • From there on rational thought was lost in a fug of unfounded speculation.
    • It's my own duty to expose Caz for the flimsy lies and unfounded insults she slaps up here on a weekly basis.
    • Mr Grant's letter was far from accurate, in fact the statements he made would appear to be unfounded.
    • Solicitors representing the University claim that the grounds of the boycott are unfounded.
    • The report said that warnings about foundation trusts had so far been unfounded.
    • So the great war hero is going to bring up unfounded accusations against George Bush.
    • Furthermore, I deeply deplore the unfounded allegations and personal insults put forth in the letter.
    • I hope the passage of time proves these fears unfounded and that the province moves into an era of greater peace and prosperity.
    • It's really important to get beyond those completely unfounded generalizations.
    • He said fears reduced spending would harm improvements to roads and footpaths were unfounded.
    • But their fears proved unfounded because half the building is effectively below street level.
    • Yet the government's worry about loosening the restrictions was not unfounded.
    • Wilson's fear that this opens the door to Nationalism seems unfounded because the future is already here and it works.
    • The company has yet to remark whether the report was founded or unfounded.
    • Once I got home from work though, I quickly discovered that it was an unfounded suspicion.
    • It comes from an unfounded suspicion that we will use new science and technology to destroy the planet, and ourselves.
    • Instead, they want all complaints subjected to a vetting process to weed out those that are malicious or unfounded.
    • In the new democratic system that is now operating, both views are unfounded.
    • It was all very negative and most of it was unfounded and/or hyperbole which I was able to refute fairly easily and did so.
    • To our utter disbelief, the story turned out to be totally unfounded, without a grain of truth.