Translation of ungentlemanly in Spanish:


impropio de un caballero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈdʒɛn(t)lmənli/ /ʌnˈdʒɛnt(ə)lmənli/


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    impropio de un caballero
    • His student team was not allowed to kick for touch and the style was running and passing; ungentlemanly conduct was unthinkable.
    • It is a matter for referees to enforce the regulations and deal with anything regarded as ungentlemanly conduct.
    • Causing murders, although not technically prohibited by any FIFA edict, would almost certainly constitute ungentlemanly conduct.
    • The ball arrived at Millar's feet and without pausing for any form of ungentlemanly conduct, he cracked it in from 18 yards.
    • He was also found guilty of ungentlemanly conduct, but a charge of using foul and abusive language was not proven.
    • In frame 15 the referee warned Holt for ungentlemanly conduct, in this case swearing.
    • There's no fussing, no fist-pounding, no nay-saying, finger-pointing, whining or otherwise ungentlemanly or unlady-like conduct to be noted.
    • When Francis declared war on Spain in 1528, abrogating a treaty between the two countries, Charles accused the French ruler of ungentlemanly conduct.
    • Why not give players an amber card for ungentlemanly conduct and diving, building penalty points for an end of season ban.
    • Grummond's ungentlemanly conduct extended to his personal affairs.
    • And who would have thought that mild-mannered Canadian fans of a famously gentleman's game could be so decidedly ungentlemanly in their reaction to curling on TV?
    • I thought for a while I heard a snigger from somewhere nearby, but realising that sniggering is an ungentlemanly thing to do, coming higher than smirking on the List of Unpleasant Traits, I knew I must be mistaken.
    • It was once considered ungentlemanly to even train for athletic events, so who knows what will happen.
    • But after revelations involving prostitutes, coupled with a spate of ungentlemanly scuffles on the football pitch his bankability could be in jeopardy.
    • ‘There was something ungentlemanly about a man who was so obviously on the make,’ says Ingrams.
    • Nobody would be as ungentlemanly as to call it blackmail, but they are open to political manipulation.
    • Even before those rumors started, people thought of him as coarse, ungentlemanly, and shallow.
    • Well, the first month he was here, we could hardly stand the sight of each other, and he was most ungentlemanly.
    • You won't do that to a girl, that is so ungentlemanly.
    • It's as if they believe it would be ungentlemanly to question her financial role.