Translation of unhinged in Spanish:


trastornado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈhɪndʒd/ /ʌnˈhɪn(d)ʒd/


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    deschavetado Andes, Mexico, Venezuela informal
    • The woman also had about 6 or 7 cats - which in my book is always a good sign of someone being unhinged.
    • An unhinged American general single-handedly launches a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.
    • Other nations have confronted terrorism of a more sustained nature without coming thoroughly unhinged.
    • He doesn't even acknowledge that she might have been upset or unhinged enough to kill herself.
    • Someone who is this unhinged sounds like the type who might turn on his benefactors.
    • She looks kind of crazy, a bit unhinged.
    • Not all the opponents are unhinged, of course.
    • His unhinged language suggested that persecution mania briefly deranged him.
    • Simply put, she does not embody the character; she is too healthy-looking and not sufficiently unhinged to make you really believe her.
    • But, once he stopped taking his medication, he didn't simply become unhinged or retreat into suicidal illness.
    • She parties with friends, and she takes driving lessons with a slightly unhinged instructor.
    • I have described the member as having become utterly unhinged on the matter of immigration.
    • And his wife may be unhinged, but at least she didn't try to bite him to death.
    • Unless he is unhinged, no politician in a modern democracy reveals any indiscreet biases in public.
    • The war was the result of the immediate, emotional reaction of one unhinged man who had in his grasp several viable options to choose from.
    • Born of the Great Depression, the brothers were unhinged maniacs with no roots, no ties, no responsibilities, fighting back on behalf of the disenfranchised little man.
    • We instead reared up on our hind legs like a wounded animal and began thrashing about, enraged and unhinged, stoking bloodlust and fear.
    • You're disoriented and you become unhinged.
    • As Gulliver returns to the land of men, it clearly emerges that he is seriously unhinged and a thoroughly changed character.
    • Occasionally some unhinged goon will run alongside showering riders with water or giving them a push up the hill but it is mostly high-spirited encouragement.