Translation of uniform in Spanish:


uniforme, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjunəˌfɔrm/ /ˈjuːnɪfɔːm/

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  • 1

    uniforme masculine
    (full) dress uniform uniforme de gala
    • to be in uniform ir de uniforme
  • 2US informal

    policía (de uniforme) masculine, feminine


  • 1

    (shape/color/length) uniforme
    (temperature/speed) constante
    (attitudes/behavior) homogéneo
    • Parliament has approved changes to the Tourism Act that will compel hotels, restaurants and resorts to charge Bulgarians and foreigners uniform prices.
    • Coordinating the activities of the States and advising them on matters relating to uniform administration of the Act and Rules.
    • Across 14 channels, it was amazing how uniform the behaviour pattern was.
    • Clumps of native bush have given way to uniform rows of trees and contrived water features.
    • But the measuring sticks were not uniform, and across Spain the vara therefore represented different lengths.
    • Their decisions are likely to lack the uniform character which could be achieved by this Court…
    • However, despite these similarities, the political significance of the extended family was not uniform throughout Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
    • Though they are uniform in order, the age of onset, pace, and duration of these changes vary widely from one individual to another.
    • However, structures do tend to be depicted as if they are uniform.
    • He found that the individual strata there change their characteristics laterally: they are not uniform throughout their extent and undergo facies change.
    • Is it healthy to create a uniform personality, a company personality?
    • However, in terms of standards, they are uniform.
    • Apples are easier in part because they are more uniform in shape and surface texture than chickens.
    • The other actors put in excellent work, but they are as uniform and one-sided as the script.
    • However, their conclusion hinges on the hidden assumption that the distribution of relatedness of potential mates is uniform or normal.
    • They are uniform in their dismissal of critics as being ‘in denial’.
    • For our model to be valid, we have to assume that the degree of interconnections is uniform across the cell; otherwise, Den would be a function of position.
    • The lack of uniform methods of identification and the taxonomic diversity of B cepacia complex and related species contributes to this problem.
    • Since natural objects are not uniform, we can't compare one spot on an object to another spot, but we can find common features among objects in the same class.
    • During the Mid-Eocene the tilting became smoother and more uniform compared with the Early Eocene.
    • It'll take about a year to get the packages totally uniform across the country, says SVP-marketing Doug Seserman.
    • During that process, bottles are heated and cooled to strengthen and preshrink them, and to create uniform packages.
    • An agreement was reached to stick a uniform identifier on their products.
    • Nutritionists are surprisingly uniform in identifying the ingredients we should be wary of.
    • Chevy vehicles already are sold in more than 40 countries but that includes other products sold under a Chevy badge and the brand identity is not uniform.
    • It has its own cultural characteristics - not uniform, not homogenous, but they're distinct.
    • Note that the observed distribution is quite uniform compared to the distribution expected under neutrality.
    • This time was chosen so that the experiences of the sample could be compared at one uniform point for all variables in all subgroups.
    • We studied the referral rates for dermatology across the 16 practices in a primary care group with a comparatively uniform population mix.
    • It was of special importance that staff in each section be counted in a uniform manner to ensure comparability of results.
    • In all measurements, a completely uniform and homogeneous image was obtained.
    • Without uniform definitions, comparison of the various studies is difficult at best.
    • There are plenty who prefer the safer option, purchasing uniform garments manufactured by the chain stores that line the streets of London and Britain as a whole.
    • They're so uniform, you can tell they almost all come from one maker.
    • The measure requires states to start issuing more uniform driver's licenses and to verify the citizenship or legal status of people getting them.
    • These are just beautiful, and more importantly, they're highly uniform.
    • They are uniform and polygonal with a bland, oval or round nucleus.
    • However, they are not uniform, either across food commodities or within a particular food commodity.
    • In their missions, programs and courses, they are remarkably uniform.
    • This said, the profile of the customers is not uniform as can be revealed with a homogeneity analysis.