Translation of unintelligent in Spanish:


poco inteligente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənənˈtɛlədʒənt/ /ʌnɪnˈtɛlɪdʒ(ə)nt/


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    poco inteligente
    • A foreign policy that speculates and spies on enemies from afar has given rise to unintelligent intelligence, a profound ignorance about what is going on in the world.
    • Farm labourers [in the Vale of Gloucester] are sufficiently numerous; they are noticeable as being simple, inoffensive, unintelligent, and apparently slow.
    • Would you want an intelligence agency too unintelligent to realise when information is unwelcome?
    • I'm sure it won't change their mind, as those who enforce profiling are mindless, unintelligent sheep who think they're doing a good thing by following stupid orders.
    • Is it therefore logical to think blind, unintelligent, mindless nature could have stumbled on Einstein and us by sheer fluke?
    • The opponents in the battle, he reasoned, were the ‘intelligent and unintelligent elements’ in the denomination.
    • In the present case, ‘How do you distinguish intelligent from unintelligent causes?’
    • If it is not, then the whole universe and all of science flow from a necessary but unintelligent source of intelligibility.
    • Why is the intelligent or even unintelligent symbiote idea more alarming than say a pacemaker or the suit?
    • This is an argument from what we know about the causal powers of intelligence and the shortfall of unintelligent causes.
    • You can score one for intelligence in terms of trumping the natural unintelligent forces of the universe.
    • Even in 1935 they were being sent an ‘astonishing amount of illiterate and unintelligent writing’, but practised readers spent little time on it.
    • If you think hip hop culture is the only thing making teenagers present themselves in a sexual manner or for making them highly extravagant, then you're very unintelligent.
    • Anticipation proved better than the debate itself, with its weak moderation and unintelligent, emotionally charged outbursts.
    • I don't think I'm encountering unintelligent people (especially in the case of the students).
    • With such encouraging results, these teenagers have excelled in the world arena, erasing the image of Indonesian students as unintelligent and dull.
    • The response of many politicians to this problem is essentially to blame voters for being too apathetic or unintelligent to understand the issues.
    • ‘If this is evidence of design, it would seem to be of the unintelligent variety,’ Holt notes.
    • She marched me through a maze of corridors as I began wondering if dropping breadcrumbs behind me would not necessarily be an unintelligent proposition.
    • Although I don't consider myself unintelligent or inarticulate, I don't tend to have the courage of my convictions when called upon to air my opinions.