Translation of unionist in Spanish:


unionista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjunjənəst/ /ˈjuːnjənɪst/ /ˈjuːnɪənɪst/

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  • 1Unionist

    (in UK, US)
    unionista masculine, feminine
  • 2

    (trade unionism)
    sindicalista masculine, feminine
    • Firstly, as a unionist and a member of a progressive union, I fully support redeployment, but you need to consider the time factor when you deal with it.
    • Wives of picket line unionists were recipients of anonymous correspondence apparently aimed at driving a wedge between them and their husbands, with a view to ending the dispute in the company's favour.
    • As usual, many protesters against economic globalisation in its present form will be unionists, and ALP members.
    • The unionists and community collectively transformed the picket.
    • She urges academic unionists to move away from place-based approaches to organizing and embrace new ways of creating cyber-communities and worker collectivities.
    • It hasn't made any concessions to unionism or unionists.
    • And once again we have a community assembly of unionists, clergy and civil rights activists taking a stand on high moral ground.
    • This is the question many rank-and-file unionists often ask when their union leaderships sell their members short.
    • The auto unionists account for the largest of the confederation members.
    • Sayles' movie tells the story of the obstacles that mining companies - and unionists - in West Virginia put in the way of unionisation through dividing Black and White workers.
    • It's hard not to reach the conclusion that many unionists have effectively given up on successfully unionising the private sector, and are therefore engaged in a desperate bid to hold onto the security of the public sector.
    • The statistics also show that women unionists are significantly better off than their non unionised sisters earning on average $119 a week more.
    • Still, the Democrats are facing a continuing battle for the support of industrial unionists.
    • With the support of hundreds of unionists from across the movement, they preserved their right to be in the collective.
    • As of this day last week, the majority of unionists withdrew that support.
    • A major bastion of support for the policy was in fact the union movement and unionists supported it because it helped keep out cheap labour.
    • As unionists it is our duty to be involved in supporting people in those situations.