Translation of united in Spanish:


unido, adj.

Pronunciation /juˈnaɪdəd/ /juːˈnʌɪtɪd/

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    (group/family) unido
    we are more united than ever estamos más unidos que nunca
    • we are united on that point en ese punto estamos de acuerdo
    • to present a united front presentar un frente unido
    • they are united in their grief/joy los une el dolor/la alegría
    • united we stand, divided we fall unidos venceremos
    • Joining in a united front against fascism is one thing, but being party to attacks on the working class is quite another.
    • The first step has to be the main parties working together to present a united front against racism, xenophobia and the politics of disunity.
    • This was a missed opportunity to show a united political front against the war and to broaden the appeal of the anti-war campaign.
    • But, more crucially, he was also able to present a united political front.
    • The couple arrived at court together in a united front after vowing they will come through the ordeal and will put it all behind them.
    • I hope they, and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, join us in united action.
    • At this point the West appeared to be confronted with a united communist front covering most of the Eurasian land mass.
    • Also, companies have to build a united front, to work together among themselves and with the authorities.
    • The concrete situation is in any case one where there are a number of different united fronts, each with its own distinct political constituencies.
    • Everyone seemed to get along, worked together, and presented a united front, so where was the war?
    • We have to build a united front of all the diverse social movements and march together on May Day.
    • When you add this to the current Board of Trade efforts, it's clear that there is a real united front in this city demanding transit investment.
    • Thus, if the Republicans don't present something like a united front, this nomination could be stopped.
    • We can make it better by a united front in the coming year.
    • The united front that saved York City from extinction has achieved national recognition with a major footballing prize bestowed on the club.
    • This was probably not the wisest move, as it's important to be something of a united front in situations like this.
    • Strictly speaking, the call for a united front is not quite new.
    • He is credited with building a united Muslim front and carving a kingdom for himself before embarking on fighting the Franks.
    • He is now calling for a united front between the agency and industry to squeeze out illegal operators and to support the existing tyre recovery system.
    • The late 1930s was the era of the united front against war and fascism.