Translation of universal in Spanish:


general, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌjunəˈvərsəl/ /juːnɪˈvəːs(ə)l/

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    the measure was greeted with universal condemnation la medida fue condenada unánimemente
    • this practise is becoming universal among doctors esta práctica se está generalizando entre los médicos
    • universal proposition proposición universal
    • Trinidad was granted universal adult suffrage in 1945.
    • After World War II, universal adult suffrage was introduced and a party system was developed.
    • It is rooted in a specific place and culture, but the concerns are universal.
    • Men and women tend to have different physiology, though this is neither a universal, hard-and-fast rule nor a completely made up one.
    • Laughter is a universal and prominent feature of human communication.
    • Each nation developed its own language of commemoration, but some features were universal.
    • Because multicellularity is an experiment that's been run many times in the history of life, scientists may be able to discover some universal rules for how it comes about.
    • One universal rule is that dogs cannot fly on a plane without the owner on board.
    • Looking at evolutionary biology, the body's ability to transmit and receive healing energy is a natural and universal design feature of the living system.
    • I know this is a long way from terrorism, but the rules of logic are universal (arguably).
    • The first step is to examine the outline of the eight universal features that researchers suggest need to be present in all programs to support youth.
    • There is no universal rule what ad or what message works.
    • It is true that some people use pointer in a broader sense more-or-less equivalent to reference, so the distinction made above is not universal.
    • However, he denies that it is the most general, or universal, concept in the sense of being the highest genus of entities.
    • The show's concept is the universal feeling that life will be better in another place.
    • A proposal for a universal 30% increase in child benefit for all children in the 0-5 years category is being examined.
    • Workers become the universal class, the primary agent of history, by acting on that self-understanding.
    • I was thinking - in a rather casual way - both about rights created by law, and about rights which are asserted as universal.
    • The author of this amusing and admirable history of the English language argues powerfully for universal linguistic tolerance.
    • In fact, nature has found body language so universal that recognition of certain movements is preprogrammed into our brains.
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    (peace/law/language) universal
    • Instead, slang and universal loanwords are used, a so - called ‘globespeak.’
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    (all-purpose, versatile)
    (adaptor) universal
    (motor/television receiver) universal
    a universal remedy una panacea (universal)
    • universal joint / coupling junta (universal) cardán
    • As a universal machine, the computer and particularly its software are the centre of interest.
    • Today the computer is the universal machine that is driving the Information Age.
    • There's a yawning chasm between their user-experience of partially-universal machines and universal machines.
    • It is the universal tool that permits the development of multimedia driven complex games.
    • A Halligan tool is a universal tool that has been used by firefighters for years.
    • Within two or three years, several true electronic universal machines had been built.
    • A universal needle can be used in all household sewing machines that accept a flat shank.
    • Often technologies from Europe and the U.S. are presented as universal tools that can be used anywhere in the world, with equal effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Use a 90/14 universal needle and good-quality polyester thread.
    • Use a ballpoint or universal needle for sewing knit fabrics.
    • And, our engine is quite universal, so we plan to license it as the stand-alone product.
    • Turing's construction of a universal machine gives the most fundamental insight into computation: one machine can run any program whatsoever.
    • The importance of the universal machine is clear.
    • Soon I had a sprinkler, a universal tap adaptor, and 7.5 metres of soaker hose.
    • If you get skipped stitches with a universal needle, change to a ball-point needle for heavier fabrics or a stretch needle for finer knits.
    • A ballpoint needle has the most rounded tip and an embroidery needle has a very slightly curved tip - a universal needle is in between.
    • The computer is the nearest thing we have to a universal tool.
    • The universal Turing machine is a hypothetical device that scans a digital tape and, in principle, can solve any computable problem.
    • The sections are crushed at a constant rate in a universal testing machine, while the force required is recorded.
    • These primers were used together and in combination with the universal primers as appropriate.


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    universal masculine