Translation of unlace in Spanish:


desatar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈleɪs/ /ʌnˈleɪs/

Definition of desatar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    desamarrar Latin America
    • His shirt was unlaced, the sleeves rolled up as far as they could go.
    • She'd just returned from her job at the plant nursery and was sitting at the table, unlacing her sneakers.
    • He throws his jacket onto the pile of Stuart's clothes and unlaces his shoes.
    • Trembling, she unlaced her shoes and laid them on the ground next to her bed.
    • Sitting down on the edge of the water, he unlaced his shoes.
    • As Sandy bent over to unlace her running shoes Olivia screeched at her, ‘Are you listening?’
    • I've got a rock in my shoe,’ grumbled Alice, kneeling to unlace her boot and extract the offending pebble.
    • Jack tied the sash at his waist, and busied himself unlacing his boots.
    • Corio slipped his sunglasses into his pocket and started unlacing his boots.
    • Zip crouches and unlaces his boots, clumsily shakes them off.
    • Before they knew it, the skate was already over, and pretty soon, it was just the two of them left in the dressing room, sitting beside each other on a bench and unlacing their skates.
    • She could feel Charles fingers unlacing her dress behind her.
    • She bent down and unlaced her boots, pulling them off.
    • He unlaced his boots and pulled them off, and the wet socks as well.
    • She unlaced her boots and kicked them across the room with amusement.
    • She slowly unlaced her boots and pulled them off to stretch her feet.
    • He unlaced his heavy boots and let them thud onto the floor in a heap.
    • Ram unlaced her dress, lifting her so that the woman could pull it over her head.
    • Ryder unlaced Kit's boot as gently as possible, before taking it off her foot, along with her sock.
    • She turned her back to him, ‘Would you unlace my dress?’