Translation of unladylike in Spanish:


impropio de una dama, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈleɪdiˌlaɪk/ /ʌnˈleɪdɪlʌɪk/


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    impropio de una dama
    (of young lady) impropio de una señorita
    • She was failing miserably though as I heard her snort in an unladylike manner.
    • Charlotte snorted in a very unladylike manner.
    • Unlike her somewhat clumsy, unladylike friend, Crystal was a born Lady.
    • I had to bite my lip in order to keep from saying something rude and unladylike, even for the heir to a war lady's territory.
    • It simply wouldn't do if such unladylike words slipped from thoughts to speech.
    • Cal snorted in an extremely unladylike and inelegant way, and spoke to her girlfriend.
    • British ‘sauce’ was added by way of Harcourt's lecherous leanings and the women's frank discussions on subjects once deemed unladylike.
    • As I plunged; or jumped, arms flailing, into the icy river, my unladylike descent was watched in complete disbelief by Horrified Friend and about 10 blokes.
    • ‘Maybe it's because it's considered unladylike to shove the whole thing in your mouth at once,’ I offered.
    • But poured into a wine glass, because pint glasses are also unladylike.
    • Dolly was close to incandescent in her outrage, and swore at me in a most unladylike manner.
    • She may be unladylike, but she certainly was not uncivilized!
    • The girl gave an unladylike snort and returned to her conversation.
    • Brittany gushed, shoving her hand into her bag in the most unladylike way - honestly, you'd think I've never been kind enough to try to right her many wrongs, but does she listen?
    • The people were obviously quite shocked by her unladylike behaviour but recovered quickly to see how the other girl would react.
    • And what an elegant arm it will be - free of those unladylike biceps that result from particular physical activities in which you won't be partaking.
    • She asked me so many things, about magic and vampires until we both were yawning in a way that my grandmother would have called unladylike.
    • My large, stupid smile almost developed into a burst of loud, unladylike laughter.
    • This caused me to appear unladylike by squinting to read the contract that lay on the table before me.