Translation of unlatch in Spanish:


descorrer el pestillo de, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈlætʃ/ /ʌnˈlatʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    descorrer el pestillo de
    • He turned back towards the door and slowly unlatched each latch and unlocked each lock behind him.
    • Drifting in the comfort of drink, he unlatched the door and opened it wide.
    • Achan, the head monk, draped in the colours of the dawn, unlatches the door to a large metal cage.
    • Every time they scampered forward in the opening half hour, the hosts took fright, sporting that look which befalls turkeys each time the barn door is unlatched.
    • A well-known farmer has unlatched the gate on a pioneering new sheepdog training centre.
    • He climbed down the steps, unlatched a door and began cranking a rickety wheel.
    • Does the little beast know how to unlatch the coop door?
    • Leikidos unlatched the door of the stable and opened it.
    • The door was unlatched and all he had to do was open it.
    • It took five long minutes before the ornately carved wooden door was unlatched, and another two before it actually opened.
    • She leaned over and unlatched the door, swinging it open towards me.
    • Catty unlatched the screen door.
    • Very carefully, I reached up and unlatched the gate.
    • He unlatched the wooden gate and left his premises.
    • Raz unlatched the door and peered into the building.
    • Rommel's comforting embrace was a key that unlatched the locked door which held all of Jun's accumulated despair crammed within.
    • He quietly unlatched the door and tiptoed out of the bathroom.
    • I unlatched the gate and edged past Heike, who blinked and snorted irritably.
    • Hailey then quietly unlatched the gate and walked out onto her driveway.
    • She unlatched the gate, and walked slowly up the gravel path like she had done so many times before.