Translation of unparliamentary in Spanish:


impropio de un parlamentario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˌpɑrl(j)əˈmɛn(t)əri/ /ˌʌnpɑːləˈmɛnt(ə)ri/


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    (behavior/language) impropio de un parlamentario
    • What was being said was close to an imputation, and members cannot get around rules against unparliamentary language by circumlocution.
    • I can't of course remember the title or the author, but I do remember it was set in the early 20 th-century federal parliament and involved lots of unparliamentary language of a colourful sort.
    • Latham had a reputation for erratic behaviour, not consulting his erstwhile colleagues and for some of the most unparliamentary language ever entered into Hansard.
    • Ejections and suspensions of members for rowdiness or unparliamentary language are usually not meted out against Ministers, despite the fact that they are often amongst the worst offenders.
    • It should also be noted that Harper bravely made those statements outside of the House of Commons because he would receive a severe reprimand for using unparliamentary language.
    • One of the gang then appeared on the stairs and shouted to his colleagues in unparliamentary language that I was at the front door,
    • Siderov's sweet nothings to his fellow MPs also raised a question: what, in Bulgaria, constitutes unparliamentary language?
    • But chilling for sure, to see the words (and such unparliamentary language) in cold hard print.
    • The word ‘plonker’ is not unparliamentary; it has not been ruled out as being unparliamentary.
    • If you do not rule it to be unparliamentary it will then become part of the normal flow of conversation in the House, and I think that would demean us in the eyes of the public.
    • I would not bring down to the House and read out some of the letters I have had on her, because I am sure they would be unparliamentary and ruled out of order.
    • This prompted the Speaker, Vakkom Purushothaman, to reprimand him for using ‘an unparliamentary expression’ in the House.
    • Tom Cox goes to the Palace of Westminster to ask unparliamentary questions of MP4, the nation's only House band.
    • I think Mr Speaker should rule that word out as unparliamentary - because it was, in 1901.
    • I ask that he withdraw and apologise also in respect of the unparliamentary remark be made about Mr Dail Jones when he opened his speech.
    • It is unparliamentary to call Opposition members ‘stuck pigs’.
    • Perhaps your attention was distracted, but he accused another party of being the rort party, and made a lot of derogatory statements that are clearly unparliamentary and unacceptable in this Chamber.
    • The area is intended for VIPs and guests of MPs and Peers who are supposed to vouch personally for those who receive their tickets, and it had been assumed that such people could never be involved in unparliamentary behaviour.
    • When he resumed his feet, he made some statements that were quite unparliamentary, and if you allow that to pass without a withdrawal and an apology, then, clearly, the rules have changed.
    • You really must listen to these speeches, boring as they are, because when a Minister makes that sort of allegation it is unparliamentary and he should be required to withdraw and apologise.