Translation of unproblematic in Spanish:


no problemático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˌprɑbləˈmædɪk/ /ˌʌnprɒbləˈmatɪk/


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    (education/childhood) no problemático
    the proposal seemed unproblematic la propuesta parecía no acarrear problemas
    • Nevertheless, it would be wrong to think that this use of the past as something positive in the present is always unproblematic or unambiguous.
    • These places present an unproblematic narrative of the site's colonial history, celebrating the importance of the church, farming and fresh water in the foundation of the city.
    • In countering current communal challenges, the person of faith has no simple or unproblematic recourse to religion.
    • The picture it presents is far from rosy or unproblematic, and yet much of it is positive.
    • For me, the Festival was a simple, unproblematic affair, a splendid job with no job description, where everybody did what was to hand without question and there were lots of interesting people to talk to.
    • What I do know is that the chickadee was, in an obvious and unproblematic sense, responding to me in its expressive, chickadee-like manner.
    • If this is the case, there can be no simple and unproblematic identification on the part of the spectator, male or female, with Mulvey's ‘ideal ego’ on the screen.
    • Interpretation and meaning appear as somehow unproblematic, self-evident, or transparent.
    • This does not mean that women regarded relations with men, and particularly with the NUM, as straightforward and unproblematic.
    • In making this point I am certainly not suggesting that historical interpretation is always or even for the most part a straightforward and unproblematic task.
    • But if we look at the stories told in the Gospels about the conception and birth of Jesus, what we find is far from simple or unproblematic.
    • The idea of computation is a murky idea and it's a mistake to think that we have a clear, unified, unproblematic concept of what counts as computation.
    • As Isabella shows him, however, neither domain is as unambiguous and unproblematic as he would like to believe.
    • The transition of intellectual realism from Europe to the USA was not unproblematic.
    • Assertions about authenticity of personal experience could be presented as if they were an unproblematic guide to an understanding of processes of subordination and domination.
    • The professional consensus is that the responses, though not unproblematic, are meaningful and reasonably comparable among various groups of individuals.
    • In other words, Duchamp contradicted the progressivist and evolutionary assumptions, but viewed the appropriation of other cultures as unproblematic.
    • Its early take on the way the polling proceeded in Ohio is positive, but its stringers may have reported in before the problems developed, or from places that were unproblematic.
    • And Gandhi's deep commitment to detachment was not unproblematic for those really close to him - his wife and children, for example.
    • Language determines how we view the world, but not in the sense that there's an unproblematic correspondence between social and political concepts and their referents.