Translation of unquestionable in Spanish:


incuestionable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈkwɛstʃənəb(ə)l/ /ʌnˈkwɛstʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/

Definition of incuestionable in Spanish


  • 1

    (beyond doubt)
    (sincerity/loyalty) incuestionable
    (sincerity/loyalty) innegable
    • Is the evidence genuine and of unquestionable origin?
    • We still tend to consider people in higher positions unmovable and unquestionable, just like our kings were.
    • Spartan dominance rose from its unquestionable position as the preeminent continental army of the region.
    • Ultimately, however, the importance of legitimacy goes beyond its unquestionable utility.
    • His work rate had always been good, his commitment undoubted and his character unquestionable.
    • I really, really hope evidence will be laid on the table, unquestionable evidence.
    • What won our affection towards this restaurant was not its undeniable quality so much as its unquestionable quirkiness.
    • It is unquestionable that in future years UW will undoubtedly see the reshaping or even renaming of this student hub.
    • That someone will benefit is unquestionable, but whether it will be Montserrat depends largely on this response.
    • They are also trying to make themselves the unquestionable experts on countryside matters, which they most definitely are not.
    • Well done - you've discovered the unquestionable truth about everyone's favourite documentarian call-girl.
    • As with all OTC productions, the supporting crew have created a production of unquestionable professionalism.
    • The integrity of my new economic team is unquestionable.
    • He is an honourable gentleman of unquestionable character.
    • That the Liberal brand today is dirtied and dishonored is unquestionable, and an insult to the nation of people its leaders pledged to serve.
    • Charm may have replaced the rapier assertiveness of the young composer, but his authority as one of the guiding lights of music in our time is as unquestionable as ever.
    • And they are in power in a United States that enjoys unquestionable military supremacy and thus has modified its approach to alliances.
    • Presumably he also believes in the Immaculate Conception and the unquestionable infallibility of that elderly Polish chap in the Vatican.
    • That every child has the right to a family seems unquestionable when you consider the havoc wreaked on those who spend their lives as part of a social worker's caseload.
  • 2

    (ruling/judgment) inapelable
    (authority) indiscutible
    (evidence) irrefutable
    (evidence) incuestionable