Translation of unquestioned in Spanish:


incuestionable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈkwɛʃtʃənd/ /ʌnˈkwɛstʃ(ə)nd/

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  • 1

    (beyond doubt)
    (loyalty/honesty/respectability) incuestionable
    (loyalty/honesty/respectability) innegable
    • He will voluntarily withdraw the legislation until such time as there is no doubt who has the unquestioned authority to speak for Native people.
    • Three-and-a-half years later, she still does not have a solitary title to her name and there are growing doubts about whether her unquestioned potential will ever be realised.
    • Not every one of these cases is likely to achieve unquestioned acceptance as evidence for ordained women in the ancient Church.
    • Lisa's unquestioned acceptance of Homer's right and responsibility to exercise his chance-won power reveals the post-modernist attitude towards authority and power.
    • The more our media toes the ANC party line and offers no investigation or resistance, the more we are left with a true one-party state, unquestioned, unchallenged and unanswerable to its people.
    • Such depictions, she argues, enforce underlying societal hostility towards women, through unquestioned acceptance of hostility towards other non-human beings.
    • After all, as a believer in the ‘European destiny’ (yes, they really do talk like that) your rectitude is, by definition, unquestioned.
    • By the end of this period, he and other artists working with strong Yunnan colours formed a Yunnan School, of which he was recognized as the unquestioned leader.
    • Their sincerity is unquestioned, evidenced by their use of random capitalization in their mail outs.
    • Japan is recognized as the unquestioned leader in the photovoltaic market.
    • What unshackled power rises in the soul that has accepted its unquestioned right to rule?
    • By tradition, the elderly have been regarded as repositories of wisdom and experience who are the unquestioned arbiters of a family dispute.
    • He appears on global network TV, and performs before large live audiences, engaging them in discussions regarding gurus and the dangers of passive acceptance of unquestioned belief.
    • His gaze is returned, the ‘pleasure of seeing’ is undermined, but his position of privilege remains fundamentally unchallenged and unquestioned.
    • Words and terminologies that were once accepted or unquestioned are now being changed in all languages because over a period of time these words have lost their original meaning and acquired negative connotations.
    • The class, gender, and racial basis for control of ideas of sexuality and for consumption of luxurious commodities stood as an accepted and unquestioned aspect of privilege.
    • Interestingly, in his 1998 article, Coyne reflects on why there was such general and unquestioned acceptance of the original research.
    • When a fitness instructor passes National Boards, the highly valued merit and recognition will be customarily unquestioned nationwide.
    • So perhaps this lack of ‘proof’ is simply the product of an unquestioned acceptance of one concept over another.
    • The assumption that longevity is an unquestioned virtue and the conquest of death a legitimate human endeavour is at bottom deeply, fatally psychotic, as I'm afraid our society will come to realise.
  • 2

    their authority is absolute and unquestioned su autoridad es absoluta y no se cuestiona
    • the decision did not go unquestioned la decisión fue cuestionada