Translation of unregistered in Spanish:


no registrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈrɛdʒəstərd/ /ʌnˈrɛdʒɪstəd/


  • 1

    (company/firearm/land) no registrado
    (birth) no registrado
    (birth) no inscrito
    (vehicle) no matriculado
    (childminder) no registrado
    (letter) no certificado
    • They offer an extensive record search service, which includes wills and unregistered land.
    • An allotment amnesty is to be held to allow unregistered holders to turn in their plots to be correctly recorded.
    • They clarified for us the powers of dog rangers and dog officials to seize unregistered or offending dogs.
    • On 28 July an official strike against unregistered labour on the docks began.
    • But officials believe as many as 1m unregistered items in private hands could make the grade.
    • Many children will not even exist officially, that is, will go unregistered.
    • There was an arrest earlier today, someone who had an unregistered gun.
    • The reason for the difference is that a lot of milk production is unregistered as very small producers use and sell their produce locally.
    • But almost half were unable to offer an urgent appointment for unregistered patients either on the NHS or privately.
    • Another 600,000 unregistered weapons are thought to be floating around.
    • If anyone sees a car unregistered please call any Garda Station.
    • Police are concerned that significant numbers of staff will still be unregistered by February, and therefore unable to work legally.
    • Police and trading standards officials will be visiting car boot sales in a bid to stop unregistered dealers passing themselves off as car booters.
    • The real figure may be even higher considering that many prostitutes work in concealed and unregistered places, he said.
    • There were also unregistered medicines, which were imported from countries, such as Taiwan and Germany.
    • Then, as riders slowed, the police confiscated unregistered bikes within their reach.
    • The campaign to eliminate unregistered hounds met with strong opposition from owners, who tried to hide their pets.
    • And if they do express this demand, it tends to go unregistered (e.g. the boss simply ignores it).
    • No staff member had first-aid training and there was an unregistered nurse available for only three hours per day.
    • Firstly we had to register our visa with the police - if you are caught with an unregistered visa in Russia you can be put in jail.