Translation of unremarkable in Spanish:


común y corriente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənrəˈmɑrkəb(ə)l/ /ʌnrɪˈmɑːkəb(ə)l/


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    (appearance) común y corriente
    (appearance) que no llama la atención
    (life/book) poco interesante
    • The result is a highly inoffensive, passable sound which has its interesting, if unremarkable, moments.
    • From the outside, the garden looks unremarkable: just a black, rock wall with a concealed entrance.
    • The street is ordinary and the block of flats that the camera chooses to linger over is plain and unremarkable.
    • Now the charging of interest is accepted as an unremarkable feature of modern society.
    • Actually, one surprise about meeting Lewis is how unremarkable she looks off the track.
    • For a documentary about a sport widely seen as boring and unremarkable, Gentlemen is loaded with drama.
    • Today, and for quite some time, he was feeling as unremarkable and nondescript as he looked.
    • His antenatal history had been unremarkable, with normal antenatal scans.
    • He was not even much of a writer, with a bland and unremarkable style of putting pen to paper.
    • It is an unremarkable little book with a dull cloth cover, but Janette Ray takes it from the shelf with loving care.
    • Once again, it was OK to wear ordinary clothes, ordinary shoes and live somewhere unremarkable.
    • For Forbes, there are a lot of poets writing very unremarkable poetry in ordinary language about ordinary lives.
    • The rest of my evening was fairly unremarkable, save for two other interesting events.
    • While the statement on the website was short and unremarkable, the sidebar on the web page was interesting.
    • Watson's history minutes are interesting, but the doc itself is unremarkable.
    • It could be a hint of promise in an unremarkable season, or the beginning of a transition through which Liverpool finally deliver.
    • The sunset, when it came a little while later, was unremarkable.
    • She seems determined to make the even the most unremarkable foods sound gloriously decadent and sensuous.
    • But it's unremarkable in its style, galloping along like a transcript of a conversation you might hear on a bus.
    • On April 2nd, at this unremarkable place, an accident happened that I will remember every day of my life.