Translation of unsalted in Spanish:


sin sal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈsɔltəd/ /ʌnˈsɔːltɪd/ /ʌnˈsɒltɪd/


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    sin sal
    • The co-op's Summer Gold salted and unsalted butter is also made in small batches at an old-fashioned, local creamery in Hope, Minn., using only sweet cream from the co-op's grass-fed cows.
    • The awareness of the distinction salted / unsalted would have been strong in the Middle Ages because meat was regularly parboiled to tenderize it before roasting or frying.
    • There are lots of choices like this to be made; salted or unsalted butter, smoked or unsmoked bacon, eggs three ways and so on.
    • You can sit with the fishermen at the bar, or nibble on good bread and fresh pats of unsalted butter while you peruse the menu and affordable wine list.
    • If you haven't got fresh basil (a restaurant without fresh basil - what is the world coming to?) or unsalted butter, who cares?
    • Strain off the water and mash the potatoes straight away, stirring in 200 ml of double cream and a few pieces of unsalted butter.
    • Put the unsalted butter in a saucepan with the sage stalks and melt slowly, then increase the heat and cook until the moment the butter starts to turn brown.
    • When ready to serve, add the unsalted butter and flat-leaf parsley.
    • The bread came with both unsalted and massively truffly butter.
    • Most recipe-writers like myself call for unsalted butter because it's easier to gauge how much salt will be used in the recipe and everyone seems to be on an exactitude kick when baking.
    • But I usually buy unsalted butter as I use butter almost exclusively in baking, so I just used the unsalted butter and simply sprinkled with French sea salt.
    • You'll find salted, unsalted, roasted and raw ones.
    • Using unsalted butter is important as excessive salt can impede the activity of yeast.
    • One writer, from India, specified using two thick slices of white bread, slathering both with plenty of unsalted, softened butter, and sprinkling on either white or brown sugar.
    • Several hours/night before: Soften 3 tablespoons (a little less than half a stick) of unsalted butter
    • Place three or four layers of filo pastry in an oven proof tray, brush them with unsalted butter (can be done with polyunsaturated oil if desired).
    • Made with unsalted butter, unrefined sugar and free-range, organic eggs you will have something infinitely superior to any shop-bought cake.
    • Puree using a stick blender and stir in 25g unsalted butter.
    • It was white butter, un-dyed, unsalted, and usually slightly rancid.
    • Cream was unavailable, but a substitute could be made using top milk whisked with warmed unsalted butter.