Translation of untenable in Spanish:


insostenible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈtɛnəb(ə)l/ /ʌnˈtɛnəb(ə)l/

Definition of insostenible in Spanish


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    • His position is untenable one unless he means us to make a bonfire not just of Dilthey but Nietzsche and Heidegger too.
    • But now they have gone out on such precarious limbs their positions are clearly untenable.
    • This is an untenable position to take and is fantasy politics.
    • Another common theme is the debunking of the fringe pseudosciences or other untenable positions.
    • Insiders have suggested that he is in an untenable position.
    • His stance just let the issue grow more out of control and brought his own status at the helm of the Spanish team to an almost untenable position.
    • When confronted with this argument, many leftists fall back on what seems an untenable position.
    • They were in an untenable position and her lawyer didn't talk to Libby for a year.
    • He's been put in an untenable position and his future in the ruling coalition is being debated openly.
    • If this does not happen, it could create an untenable situation and cause unjustifiable delays.
    • That is absolutely absurd and untenable and, in our submission, a serious deficiency.
    • Clearly this is an untenable situation from our point of view.
    • It sounds like an untenable situation, but he remains upbeat.
    • Such work by judges creates absolutely untenable working conditions for police officers.
    • He accepted the agreement after he said his condition was untenable.
    • The average person, a parent in particular, is being subjected to an untenable level of stress.
    • We tend to jump to untenable conclusions, swayed by popular impressions or simple emotions.
    • The reason for its decline should be obvious: for most people the diet is simply untenable.
    • The meeting unanimously agreed that the current situation at the hospital was untenable.
    • He came along and he questioned the chair-man's future and that it could be made untenable.