Translation of untroubled in Spanish:


tranquilo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈtrəbəld/ /ʌnˈtrʌb(ə)ld/

Definition of tranquilo in Spanish


  • 1

    (expression/conscience) tranquilo
    (period/life) tranquilo
    (period/life) apacible
    she seemed untroubled by the noise/prospect no parecía que el ruido la afectase/que la perspectiva la inquietase / preocupase
    • The lake stretched serene and untroubled to the opposite shore where a hiker can still encounter bears and cougars.
    • She looked so peaceful and untroubled when she slept; it truly accented her beauty in his eyes.
    • The serene and apparently untroubled marriage of the royal pair is remarkable.
    • Finns are the most carefree users of paper, untroubled by ‘how many trees had to die for this’ guilt.
    • Its most famous victim, Pompeii, is at its best in autumn, when, untroubled by crowds, you can wander at will through the maze of highways and alleys.
    • Those who are untroubled by the norms of society suffer from much lower levels of stress, so their immune response systems function more efficiently.
    • Australia's relations with Indonesia were relatively untroubled during the early years of the 1970s.
    • King James's Arcadian vision of untroubled togetherness appears to have been realized.
    • I was all the more disappointed that he seemed so untroubled by the failure of education to dent the broader structures of inequality.
    • We have plenty of evidence of people who have grown up and never known they were adopted or who were born as a result of donor insemination and are utterly untroubled.
    • Unlike other men, I'm untroubled by the growing trend of males turning in academically poorer performances than females.
    • She is at the age where life is completely untroubled.
    • Neither side could get its act together, and the respective goalkeepers remained relatively untroubled.
    • And since it makes sensible use of halls rather than fields, the event is untroubled by rain, mud and overflowing toilets.
    • Let your heart be untroubled by judgements - they're simply an old habit.
    • Normally the epitome of composure, the midfielder appeared to stub his toe in the act of shooting and he was again untroubled.
    • With both defences standing firm, the scorers remained untroubled until the final minute of the first period.
    • Some of the boycotters are untroubled by this other side of the story, because they simply don't allow that there is one.
    • It continues to be tolerated by an unecstatic but untroubled public.
    • Once again she tried to plunge herself into a deep, untroubled sleep.