Translation of up-and-coming in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌəp ən(d) ˈkəmɪŋ/ /ˌʌp(ə)nˈkʌmɪŋ/


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    an up-and-coming artist/actor un artista/actor que promete / que llegará lejos / con mucho futuro
    • This new competition focuses on up-and-coming talented young players in the brass band world.
    • Due to a lack of available senior players, we had the opportunity to give valuable experience to more young up-and-coming talent.
    • There have been a lot of changes, an investment in young up-and-coming players with new coaches and a new framework.
    • He is another of the young, gifted and up-and-coming breed of goalkeepers who has been tipped for international honours.
    • Dedication to these values is the reason the kids are going ga-ga over this up-and-coming young combo.
    • He regards himself as a ‘top manager’, not just another up-and-coming young coach.
    • Over two hundred people attended including many up-and-coming young handballers.
    • He currently is a referee assessor and acts as a mentor for up-and-coming young referees in Hampshire.
    • The only thing I haven't mentioned yet is the talent of the up-and-coming hockey legends.
    • People ask me who is the next up-and-coming player coming through the pro ranks, but I don't see anyone.
    • And it could be a good move if the success of the last up-and-coming star to perform there is anything to go by.
    • We had some good, experienced players surrounded by some up-and-coming youngsters.
    • He had a reputation as an up-and-coming talent at the time and I was supposed to be marking him in midfield.
    • His name was Tim and he was an up-and-coming young principal with good looks and charm.
    • Two up-and-coming young girl bands took to the stage to headline the event, part of a national day of action.
    • This may sound a bit ignorant, but I really don't know a lot of the up-and-coming players.
    • This series follows the hungry, up-and-coming estate agents at one of Britain's most successful companies.
    • The North-west playwrights showcase will then feature two plays by up-and-coming North-West writers.
    • He continues to bang the drum loudly for both established and up-and-coming Canadian roots musicians.
    • The brewery is in an up-and-coming city centre location, increasingly valuable as Edinburgh property rates soar.