Translation of update in Spanish:


poner al día, v.

Pronunciation /ˌəpˈdeɪt/ /ˈəpˌdeɪt/ /ʌpˈdeɪt/ /ˈʌpdeɪt/

transitive verb

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    (manual/report/information) poner al día
    (manual/report/information) actualizar
    (skills) poner al día
    (machinery/technology) poner al día
    (machinery/technology) modernizar
    (file) Computing poner al día
    isn't it time you updated your wardrobe? ¿no crees que ya va siendo hora de que modernices / de que pongas al día tu guardarropa?
    • they are continually updated on the latest developments se los mantiene al tanto / al corriente de los últimos sucesos
    • John has updated it for a modern audience in terms of references to music and GCSEs.
    • If they are dated, you should update them and then scan your system for viruses.
    • We should create new gods, new cosmologies, rather then just update old beliefs for modern times.
    • No one on my reading lists is updating their sites anymore, so that doesn't give me anything to do during the day.
    • This volume was continually updated and became ever thicker as the years went by.
    • Run a scan of your disks once a month and be sure to continually update your virus definitions.
    • The producers then use their skills to modernise or update the products.
    • An alternative list of recently updated British blogs can be found here.
    • Individual subscribers can update their business entries using a secure password.
    • Today's model was updated last year with an improved specification list and three new body colours.
    • Would-be buyers will have to be prepared to modernise certain rooms and update the decor.
    • It was announced towards the end of last month that refurbishment aimed at updating the clock had been completed.
    • My aim is not to write a new book; my aim is to correct and update the existing book.
    • We want to revise and update the council tax with more bands for the more expensive houses.
    • The web is a very visual medium and one that will allow us to continually update information.
    • But within about two months, that list was obsolete and nobody bothered updating it.
    • The decor, although of good quality, is a little dated and the new owners are likely to update it.
    • It also announced the intention to modernise the management of common land by updating existing legislation.
    • The money will be spent on updating equipment for the school and other necessary improvements.
    • I am surprised not to see any updated news on the site for the last few weeks.


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    update (on sth)
    • The version used is an update of the original model presented in 1996.
    • Neighbours look out for each others property and meet together every so often for any updates and police news that may be relevant to their area.
    • All day, the lead story on the news updates was on the Kerry counterattack.
    • Also available are weather reports, pizza delivery, traffic cameras, maps and news updates.
    • The news update related to the sector will be included in the journal to be published in June and December.
    • The following is an update of the news of the proposed Swimming Pool for Ballaghaderreen.
    • It feels like it's trying to be something like the opening pages of Time Out, with a mix of news and updates about local cultural events.
    • Hear live up-to-the-minute updates, scores, news and notes from the biggest games.
    • He will also provide updates on news from the track's stable area during the racing season.
    • We exchange news, get updates about the grandchildren, laugh at family jokes and continue to strengthen the bonds between us.
    • Once you are a registered user, you receive news of updates and upgrades.
    • Watch for more news and updates on these exciting developments during the coming months.
    • She has recently sent me an update and has given her consent for publication.
    • The council reviews the working of the by-laws and market rules and updates or clarifies them if necessary.
    • Regular updates on movies screened at the theatres and film news will be e-mailed to the web site's of registered users.
    • All the Windles can now do is play an awful waiting game, watching the news and constantly searching the Internet for any updates.
    • The mayor is going to have a news conference later today to give us an update on the plan to rebuild the city.
    • I was getting an update on a trip some close family friends recently returned from.
    • The students seemed shocked and people were constantly watching the news in the canteen for updates.
    • Anything from the intelligence updates you have been receiving about the Pearl investigation?
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    (sth updated)
    puesta al día feminine
    actualización feminine