Traducción de uphill en Español:


cuesta arriba, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌəpˈhɪl/ /ʌpˈhɪl/


  • 1

    cuesta arriba
    en subida


  • 1

    (path) en cuesta
    (path) en subida
    (battle/task) arduo
    it's uphill all the way todo el camino es cuesta arriba
    • it was an uphill struggle fue muy difícil
    • But, for all their efforts, Ireland now face an uphill struggle and the probability is that the fates will not be on their side.
    • Have you ever noticed that institutional buildings face a huge uphill struggle to be welcoming, no matter how hard they try to soften their hard edges?
    • Obviously it's an uphill struggle, but what this area now has in terms of prosperity is thanks to a Labour Government.
    • Having witnessed these proceedings and listened carefully to what members of the committee had to say, I really do fear for the stability of the club during its tremendous uphill struggle.
    • We fail to appreciate and respect the uphill struggle that so many people face courageously and cleverly every day in what should be a simple choice for survival.
    • As a party, we have an uphill struggle; not only to convince the electorate that we are worth voting for, but to convince our own members that it is worth staying and fighting.
    • With an uphill struggle before her, Carly battled bravely in the final 1, 500m run but just missed out on GB selection with seventh place.
    • Or, if that seems too uphill a task, he could try debating the subject with the incoming leader of a key trade union, Derek Simpson of Amicus.
    • They have also begun a new book on their uphill legal battle.
    • As a result, achieving any change in society is always an uphill and often thankless task.
    • And their battle to get Europe moving again, thanks to what's going on around them, may now be much less of an uphill one.
    • The battle was always an uphill one, but when the votes were counted, just how tough the fight was became clear.
    • Attempts are still being made to adapt it to modern circumstances without losing its distinctive identity, but the struggle is an uphill one.
    • The first term has been rocky, uphill and decidedly testing.
    • Sanders and his team (all other team members are from other Canadian universities) have faced an uphill battle in completing their project.
    • Last week it was at it again, with Stuart Rose speaking of an uphill task to turn the company around, a fall in half-year profits and ‘difficult’ current trading.
    • Challenging those deep-rooted views of graffiti may seem like an uphill battle when you consider that, depending on what side of the fence you sit, graffiti can either mean art or vandalism.
    • And the White House concedes it's an uphill fight right now to get public support and to get congressional support for that initiative.
    • He says it's been an uphill battle from the start.
    • The collective wisdom of cyclists is that the wind is always against you and that uphill slopes inexplicably outnumber downhill ones.
    • The Air America pilot who came to check out the airstrip gave it his OK despite a dip in the middle and an uphill slope to the whole strip.
    • On one side there was a gentle uphill slope that permitted shots out to about 250 yards.
    • Sighing, she sat with her back to the uphill slope, much steeper than the one she had just climbed, and considered her situation.
    • For ascending turns, rotate your uphill ski first.
    • A steep, uphill climb into the Yoho Valley followed.
    • The men have to lug a 50 kg bag of coal and run close on a mile - 1,108-yards - on an uphill course before dropping their sacks of coal at the foot of the maypole.
    • The accident happened last September when an ambulance taking a patient to hospital met slow uphill traffic on the road to Scarborough near East Ayton.
    • Car-less people with housing problems face a ride to Viau metro station and either a trip on the 132 bus, or a 10-minute, uphill walk.
    • It is a loud, muddy, uphill and physically demanding exercise.