Translation of uphold in Spanish:


conservar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌəpˈhoʊld/ /ʌpˈhəʊld/

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transitive verb upheld, upheld

  • 1

    (tradition/custom) conservar
    (faith/principle) mantener
    he swore to uphold the Constitution juró respetar y defender la constitución
    • As a teacher, he was conservative and upheld the traditional techniques of teaching.
    • We shall continue to uphold the noble tradition upon which our church has been built.
    • It helps keep the village running smoothly and upholds the village's customs.
    • The obsession with upholding tradition has strengthened the common perception of tennis as an elitist hobby.
    • It is great to see the old traditions being upheld in the area and long may this trend continue.
    • I'm glad to see that some conservatives aren't embarrassed about upholding decency.
    • Women were forced to resign office jobs upon marriage, and this tradition was upheld well into the 1950s.
    • The York Vale League upholds the traditions of village cricket, which is untarnished by some of the issues surrounding the professional game.
    • As you may be aware I am the Speaker of the House of Commons and it is incumbent upon me to honour and uphold the noble traditions of the House.
    • It shouldn't surprise us if those trying to uphold this tradition are accused of being its heretics and saboteurs.
    • If novels did not uphold the lifestyle of the republic, they were dismissed as decadent.
    • At least in one respect there is a sense of traditions being upheld.
    • Let us as Indians, uphold our tradition of fighting such racial prejudice.
    • Iceland also upholds another Norse tradition - using patronymics rather than surnames.
    • Ancestors are seen as upholding the tradition, law, and values of society.
    • But he told them that they should strive to uphold its traditions and act without fear or favour.
    • You have a responsibility to the community to uphold responsible journalism.
    • The right to our citizenship, however, carries the duty to uphold our traditions.
    • Laws and regulations often can support nurses in upholding the ethical principles involved.
    • At the same time, Unicef will uphold its support of the code and will continue to call violators of the code to account publicly.
  • 2

    (decision/verdict) confirmar
    the sentence was upheld on appeal la sentencia fue confirmada en la apelación
    • The courts eventually upheld her claim to the property, but only because she had no son to inherit it.
    • The release of the film could be halted if a plagiarism claim is upheld by a High Court judge next week.
    • A recent Court of Appeal decision upheld an insurer's right to refuse a claim for theft because keys had been left in a car.
    • The Indonesian courts upheld Mr Haryanto's claim and rejected Man's claim.
    • It was the first time a school had taken a stand in the courts to uphold its educational philosophy, Warder said.
    • The defendants were found liable and the Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.
    • An Ontario court upholds Canada's bankruptcy law, which prevents students from declaring bankruptcy on student loans until 10 years after they graduate.
    • She admits that while the court upholds a woman's legal rights, this does not guarantee her safety outside the court.
    • The Swindon-based Gooden family now faces an anxious wait to find out whether the Court of Appeal upholds the challenge.
    • Credit Card debts are unsecured and no court will uphold their position despite their threat to sue you.
    • It is to be noted that the Supreme Court has upheld a citizen's right not to join the singing of the national anthem.
    • That conviction was upheld by the Court of First Instance in March this year.
    • The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld marijuana as a dangerous drug with a high potential for abuse.
    • The High Court upheld his freedom of expression in overturning the conviction.
    • Our current by-law was challenged as unconstitutional and the courts upheld the law.
    • One prisoner had his right to vote upheld by a High Court decision last June.
    • The ban on hunting with dogs, which comes into force tomorrow, was upheld by the Appeal Court yesterday.
    • In Florida, the court upheld the right of a dental patient to write about her bad experience.
    • The conviction was recently upheld by the European court of human rights.
    • Katie Sierra's suspension was proposed by her school and upheld by the courts.